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Let's go for showcase tour of the plant only for this day!
We hold the sixth Kohoku OPEN (opening) FACTORY (factory)! 

 The sixth Kohoku opening factory is during recruitment of participants now.
 Come in everybodies by all means.
 (prior application is necessary for ※ participation. You can apply from this page. The Saturday, February 17 deadline.)

 Application from PC  Application from smartphone  Application from cell-phone

 ★Event summary leaflet is this

About the sixth Kohoku opening factory

Kohoku opening factory We hold "the sixth Kohoku OPEN FACTORY" (open factory) around attractive factory in ward.

 We observe factories which we cannot usually look at, and let's discover charm of manufacturing and town!

 ※It is event to surround reserved visit by each person. In the case of a lot of applicants, it becomes lottery.

  Engraver  Induction hardening 3D printer State of painting work of playground equipment
         (from the left) Engraver, induction hardening, 3D printer, powders painting work of playground equipment parts


  From Saturday, March 10, 2018 half past 9 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  ※Held time, capacity is different every visit.


Area, the dateNumberVisitStart time / number of timesCapacity (plan)
Business, visit contents (plan)
Tarumachi area 1 Suzuki machine sculpture place 10:00 ..., 11:00 - /2 time Each 15 times
 We observe craftsmanship to live for plastic prototype and engraver, latest 3D scanner
2 Miya River mill 10:00 ..., 11:00 - /2 time Each 15 times 
 We observe about the development spot of the history of communication and the latest information and communication system
Tsunashima area 3  daiichishiboriseisakusho[newly]  13:30 - /1 time Ten people 
 Factory of metalwork that unified classic spinning technology and modern techniques as for visit, the experience of spatula squeeze
※shibori (squeeze) of company name "crosses" in "we serve and are strange" definitely
Takada area 4 Schliemann 10:00 - /1 time 20 people
 Precise measurement apparatus maker. From metalwork to machine design, we observe the spot of manufacturing
Shin-Yokohama area 5 JMC 10:00 - /1 time 15 people
 We observe the trial product production spot using 3D printer of advanced technology
Nippa area
6 The Tokyo dice  11:00 ..., 13:00 ..., 14:00 - /3 time Each eight times 
 We observe factory contributing to application technology of car, food industry in micro-fabrication of hard metal
7 Orient surveying instrument 10:00 ..., 11:00 ..., 13:00 - /3 time Each ten times
 Production of measurement metering equipment. We observe production factory of sensor measuring distortion
8 Bearing processing in Japan 11:00 ..., 13:00 ..., 14:00 - /3 time Each ten times 
 We observe factory producing large and small bearings by the only custom tailoring in the country
9 Yokohama high frequency industry 10:00 - /1 time 18 people
 Induction hardening of steel. We observe delicate craftsmanship to ascertain metal color
10 Sill fur 11:00 ..., 14:00 - /2 time Each ten times
 Vent maker. "Ventilation is breathing of house" and senses flow of air of room bodily
11 tokken 10:00 ..., 13:00 - /2 time Each ten times
We make use of technique of "good playground equipment raising good child" metalwork and the painting, and security observes factory producing reliable playground equipments
12 Van project [newly] 13:00 - /1 time 12 people
 We observe the production spot of base and slot car course of model car "slot car"
13 banekkusu [newly] 14:00 - /1 time 20 people
 Panel, switchboard maker. The spot of ... start-to-finish production is observed until electric assembling wiring the painting by ... design, sheet metal
14 Nipa [newly] 9:30 - /1 time 30 people
 We observe factory of paper container container manufacturer handling all "Original Box Produce" boxes

     ◆Tarumachi area…It is approximately 10 minutes on foot from Toukyu Toyoko Line Tsunashima Station
     ◆Tsunashima area…Approximately 14 minutes on foot from Toukyu Toyoko Line Tsunashima Station)
     ◆Takada area…It is approximately 5 minutes on foot from municipal subway Green Line Takada Station
     ◆Shin-Yokohama area…It is approximately 6 minutes on foot from JR Shin-Yokohama Station and is approximately 2 minutes on foot from municipal subway blue line Shin-Yokohama Station
     ◆Nippa area
      Tokyo dice, Orient surveying instrument, bearing processing in Japan, Yokohama high frequency industry, sill fur: It is approximately 12 minutes on foot from municipal subway blue line Kita-Shin-yokohama Station
      tokken: It is approximately 4 minutes on foot from municipal subway blue line Kita-Shin-yokohama Station
      Van project: It is approximately 1 minute on foot from municipal subway Kita-Shin-yokohama Station
      banekkusu: It is approximately 8 minutes on foot from municipal subway Kita-Shin-yokohama Station
      Nipa: It is approximately 10 minutes on foot from municipal subway Nippa Station
     ※We move to companies homepage (outside site) when we click visit company name.


     More than primary schoolchild (primary schoolchild is accompanied by protector)

Entrance fee

     Free of charge

Application method, time limit

     To this homepage fax, application usually following by postcard (not ※ roundtrip.) clearly stating required items. (※ possible person, please cooperate with application from this homepage as much as possible.) 
     Required items: Event name (Kohoku opening factory), furigana, age, address, phone number of address, full name, full name of all the participants (in the case of homepage) e-mail address (in the case of fax) fax number, visit company name (possible plural hope.desired But, as for the multiple application for overlap of equivalence start time and same company, impossible.)

     It must arrive by Saturday, February 17

         ※When a lot of participants concentrate on the same company, we assume lottery and mail result by about Wednesday, February 28.
         ※As you take easy factory of capacity as first-come-first-served basis at the time of the application deadline, please refer casually to following application ahead even after the deadline.
         ※Application for venue method which became first-come-first-served basis is limited to telephone, fax, E-mail to the following (as for the postcard, impossible).

Application, reference

 Application from PC  Application from smartphone  Application from cell-phone
      Kohoku Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section
      〒222-0032 26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi
      Telephone: 045-540-2229 (only as for ※ inquiry. We do not accept participation application over telephone.)
      FAX: 045-540-2209
      E-mail: ko-kikaku@city.yokohama.jp (only as for ※ inquiry. Apply from this homepage.)


      Kohoku Ward government office


      (no company) Association of Yokohama-shi industry society society(no company) wide Hamakita Kogyo society


      On the day of the holding, the staff takes a picture of state on the day.
      Please note that you use photograph which you photographed for future public information of this business.
      In addition, please refrain from direct inquiry to each company about contents of event.


With Kohoku opening factory……

There are many factories in imminent place, and, as for the Kohoku Ward, a lot of offices of manufacturing industry exist for inhabitant of a ward most in the city. Inhabitants of a ward usually observe factory which is not released, and there is much manufacturing industry in ward, and "Kohoku OPEN FACTORY" (open factory) has you know that you boast of superior technology and is event to have you realize again as "charm of Kohoku Ward".

PDFThe fifth Kohoku opening factory leaflet (Portable Document Format, 1.51MB)
PDFThe fourth Kohoku opening factory leaflet (Portable Document Format, 6MB)
PDFThe third Kohoku opening factory leaflet (Portable Document Format, 7.92MB)
PDFThe second Kohoku opening factory leaflet (Portable Document Format, 3.33MB)
PDFThe first Kohoku opening factory leaflet (Portable Document Format, 905KB)

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