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Let's go for showcase tour of the plant only for this day!
We hold the seventh Kohoku OPEN (opening) FACTORY (factory)! 

 We hold the seventh Kohoku opening factory.
 (prior application is necessary for ※ participation) ※Offer was finished.
 ★Event summary leaflet is this

   As for the state of the sixth Kohoku opening factory, please see this.

About the seventh Kohoku opening factory

 We hold "the seventh Kohoku OPEN FACTORY" (open factory) around attractive factory in ward.

 We observe factories which we cannot usually look at, and let's discover charm of manufacturing and town!

 ※It is event to surround reserved visit by each person. In the case of a lot of applicants, it becomes lottery.

The seventh article hundred million opening factory photograph 1 The seventh Kohoku opening factory employee 3 The seventh Kohoku opening factory photograph 4
Hand finish by artisan, the last adjustment Metal parts Production work of bearing



  From Saturday, February 23, 2019, Saturday, March 2 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  ※Held time, capacity is different every visit.

Visit (as for start time and the details of each company, please see leaflet.)

The date AreaNumberVisit   mizukitonkachi    
Saturday, February 23 Tarumachi area 1 Suzuki machine sculpture place
2 Miya River mill
Nippa area 3 banekkusu
Saturday, March 2 Tsunashima area 4 daiichishiboriseisakusho※
Tarumachi area 5 Tajima Seiken newcomer★
Takada area 6 Schliemann
Nippa area 7 The Tokyo dice 
8 Orient surveying instrument
9 Bearing processing in Japan 
10 Yokohama high frequency industry
11 Sill fur

     ◆Tarumachi area…Suzuki machine sculpture place, Miya River mill: It is approximately 10 minutes on foot from Toukyu Toyoko Line Tsunashima Station
               Tajima Seiken: It is approximately 15 minutes on foot from Toukyu Toyoko Line Tsunashima Station
     ◆Tsunashima area…daiichishiboriseisakusho ※: It is approximately 14 minutes on foot from Toukyu Toyoko Line Tsunashima Station
     ◆Takada area…Schliemann: It is approximately 5 minutes on foot from municipal subway Green Line Takada Station
     ◆Nippa area
      Tokyo dice, Orient surveying instrument, bearing processing in Japan, Yokohama high frequency industry, sill fur: It is approximately 12 minutes on foot from municipal subway blue line Kita-Shin-yokohama Station
      banekkusu: It is approximately 8 minutes on foot from municipal subway Kita-Shin-yokohama Station
     ※We move to companies homepage (outside site) when we click visit company name.
     ※shibori (squeeze) of company name "crosses" in "we serve and are strange" definitely

 Visit to the seventh Kohoku opening factory timetable



     More than primary schoolchild (primary schoolchild is accompanied by protector)


Entrance fee

     Free of charge

Application method, application

      It is required items by reception desk form, FAX, postcard ※Apply for this after specification to following application.
      ※Required items: (1) Event name (Kohoku opening factory)
               (2) Full name (furigana) and age, address, phone number of all the participants, it is FAX number (in the case of FAX) (in the case of reception desk form) e-mail address
               (3) In visit preferred date (possible plural number)
               (4) It is visit hope company name (when we limit participant companies)

      The Kohoku opening factory administration secretariat (Asahi advertisement office)
      〒231-0014 2-19, Tokiwacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
      Telephone: 045-663-7267 (only as for the inquiry about application)
      FAX: 045-201-1768

Application period

      It must arrive by from Thursday, December 27, 2018 to Thursday, January 31, 2019
      ※In the case of a lot of applicants, we assume lottery and mail result by about Thursday, February 14.
             ※Offer was finished. Thank you for much application.


      Kohoku Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section
      Telephone: 045-540-2229
      FAX: 045-540-2209
      E-mail: ko-openfactory@city.yokohama.jp


      Kohoku Ward government office


      (no company) Wide Hamakita Kogyo society


      (1) On the day of the holding, the staff takes a picture of state on the day. Please note that you use photograph which you photographed for future public information of this business.
      (2) Please refrain from direct inquiry to each company about contents of event.
             (3) Photography of participant is put under ban in principle, but may admit depending on place. On the day you explain from the staff about the right or wrong, and please feel free to contact the staff when you are missing.

With Kohoku opening factory……

There are many factories in imminent place, and, as for the Kohoku Ward, a lot of offices of manufacturing industry exist for inhabitant of a ward most in the city. Inhabitants of a ward usually observe factory which is not released, and there is much manufacturing industry in ward, and "Kohoku OPEN FACTORY" (open factory) has you know that you boast of superior technology and is event to have you realize again as "charm of Kohoku Ward".

The sixth Kohoku opening factory leaflet (Portable Document Format, 1.19MB)
The fifth Kohoku opening factory leaflet (Portable Document Format, 1.51MB)
The fourth Kohoku opening factory leaflet (Portable Document Format, 6MB)
The third Kohoku opening factory leaflet (Portable Document Format, 7.92MB)
The second Kohoku opening factory leaflet (Portable Document Format, 3.33MB)
The first Kohoku opening factory leaflet (Portable Document Format, 905KB)

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