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Kohoku water and green school
In Kohoku Ward from 2004,
We think of a certain limit imminent natural environment carefully,
We aim at environmental activity continuing in area, and being performed,
We perform environmental disaster prevention learning courses for primary schoolchildren
We carry out "school of Kohoku water and green" business.
We take fish

... environment disaster prevention learning course for primary schoolchildren in ... ward

Conduct of course

In elementary school in ward to hope for, we carry out fish toriya bug collecting, observation of vigor, home delivery of cooked foods class to classroom using the Tsurumi River or imminent park (from June to October).
We wear life jacket depending on the situation and, in conduct, consider security/safety of children.

Conduct of exhibition

We perform exhibition in Tsurumi River basin centers to have inhabitants of a ward see result of activity of children widely (from February to March).

Sounding out place hard to pass unit of forest of Keio

We carry out course to have many of you know environment and disaster prevention happily.
As it becomes content to be able to enjoy from adult to child, you get together, and please participate.

Sounding out place hard to pass unit of forest of Keio
 Island of small green that forest of Keio University in Hiyoshi floats in city. We learn about imminent disaster prevention while feeling charm of nature by discovery of vigor.
 Date    September 23, 2017 (soil, celebration) from 9:30 to 12:00 wild heaven-sent chance Sunday, September 24
 Place    Keio University Hiyoshi campus
 It is 50 lotteries more than object, capacity primary schoolchild (primary schoolchild is accompanied by protector)
 Entrance fee for free

Application: We fill in FAX or E-mail with the following required items,
To Tsurumi River basin networking (npoTR net) office
FAX: 045-546-4344 E-mail: office@tr-net.gr.jp

Deadline for application: It must arrive by Tuesday, September 19

  • Event name
  • Full name (furigana) of all the participants
  • 〒 address, phone number, age of all the participants
  • Telephone, FAX number, e-mail address of representative

Inquiry: Kohoku Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division TEL: 045-540-2229


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