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Kohoku Ward direct sale place map plus yokohama local production for local consumption support shop

Many farming families produces various vegetables and fruit, flower seedlings in Kohoku Ward.
In direct sale place, agricultural and livestock products of "it is nutrient-rich" are sold "you are produced, and stand" "virginity" made in hometown.
Including how to eat and preservation method that of course vegetables are delicious as for fresh seasonal vegetables and being able to buy fruit from producer what is useful, and information listens to is attractive.
Please use direct sale place of neighborhood.
Data of this page are things as of March, 2018

Kohoku Ward MAP

Direct sale place distribution map of Kohoku Ward 1.JA Hiyoshi, Yokohama Branch direct sale place 2.Koizumi farm 3.Takada community care plaza direct sale place 4.Toyoda pear orchard 5.Kurihara garden 6.Robin garden 7.Masaki garden 8.Oikawa pear orchard 9.Yamamoto pear orchard 10.Sakaguchi-ya 11.Yamamoto orchard 12.Kato gardening 13.Ida farm 14.Tanaka garden 15.Mitsuhashi garden 16.Asada farm 17.JA Yokohama Kozukue Branch direct sale place 18.yasainokoganei 19.Yoshiaki Yagishita 20.JA Yokohama Kohoku Branch direct sale place 21.toressa Yokohama 22.Yamato garden 23.Ebara flower garden 24.Fujihana garden 25.Yamashin garden 26.Nishiyama gardening 27.Color of a flower garden 28.Shinmei garden 29.Bank gardening 30.Soil Shida gardening 31.Minowa poultry farm 32.Shop of shop all of natural foods pretty 33.Seasonal greens kitchen SYUNSAI KITCHEN 34.French cuisine HANZOYA 35.Big catch story kijima Shin-Yokohama store of Japan 36.Charcoal fire barbecued chicken 37.Tea Kotobuki 38.Vegetables restaurant saitou, vegetables restaurant saitou Marchais 39.Akimoto farm

Number with circle of map supports with number of shop on right list.
We can see each detailed information when we click the name of store's name, farm of number and list of maps with circle.

≪Explanatory notes≫
(field)…Direct sale place of vegetables, fruit
(flower)…Direct sales place such as flower seedlings
(egg)…Direct sale place of hen's egg
(shop)…Store of city vegetables, fruit
(the ground)…Yokohama local production for local consumption support shop
(shu)…Crop experience farm
We move to page of list when we click the above each.

List of store, addresses

1 Field JA Hiyoshi, Yokohama Branch direct sale place 3-31-17, Hiyoshihoncho
2 Field Koizumi farm 5-18, Tsunashimanishi
3 Field Takada community care plaza direct sale place 2-14-6, Takatanishi
4 Field Toyoda pear orchard 3-27-2, Shinyoshidahigashi
5 Field Kurihara garden 3-28-10, Shinyoshidahigashi
6 Field Robin garden 4140, Shinyoshidacho
7 Field Masaki garden 3-41-25, Shinyoshidahigashi
8 Field Oikawa pear orchard 4191, Shinyoshidacho
9 Field Yamamoto pear orchard 5352, Shinyoshidacho
10 Field Sakaguchi-ya 6037, Shinyoshidacho
11 Field Yamamoto orchard 5416, Shinyoshidacho
12 Field Kato gardening 3601, Shinyoshidacho
13 Field Ida farm 6-9-5, Shinyoshidahigashi
14 Field Tanaka garden 6-57-10, Shinyoshidahigashi
15 Field Mitsuhashi garden 1588, Nippacho
16 Field Asada farm 1595, Kozukuecho
17 Field JA Yokohama Kozukue Branch direct sale place 971-1, Kozukuecho
18 Field yasainokoganei A.531, Kozukuecho
B.80, Kozukuecho
19 Field Yoshiaki Yagishita 144, Toriyamacho
20 Field JA Yokohama Kohoku Branch direct sale place 207, Mamedocho
21 Field toressa Yokohama 700, Morokacho
(the second floor of north ridge Lyon open space)
22 Flower Yamato garden 2-8-41, Tsunashimahigashi
23 Flower Ebara flower garden 1899-1, Takatacho
24 Flower Fujihana garden 8-17, Shinyoshidahigashi
25 Flower Yamashin garden 6089, Shinyoshidacho
26 Flower Nishiyama gardening 4491, Nippacho
27 Flower Color of a flower garden 964-36, Nippacho
28 Flower Shinmei garden 1392-1, Nippacho
29 Flower Bank gardening 1205, Kozukuecho
30 Flower Soil Shida gardening 26, Toriyamacho
31 Egg Minowa poultry farm 2485-1, Takatacho
32 Shop A.Pretty
B.Shop of all
A.2-9, Mamedocho Rai Building 1F
B.1-18-8, Okurayama
33 The ground Seasonal greens kitchen SYUNSAI KITCHEN 2-9-16, Tsunashimanishi
FinS tower * 2F
34 The ground French cuisine HANZOYA 3-23-8, Shinyokohama
35 The ground Big catch story kijima Shin-Yokohama store of Japan 3-4, Shinyokohama
Shin-Yokohama Prince Hotel 2F
36 The ground Charcoal fire barbecued chicken 420, Kishinecho
37 The ground Tea Kotobuki 2-43-24, Nakatehara
38 The ground Vegetables restaurant saitou
・Vegetables restaurant saitou Marchais
6-5-16, Kikuna
39 shu Akimoto farm 4270, Nippacho