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Information for Ward Administration Promotion Division

Handling duties and information for window

Public Relations Section telephone: 045-540-2221 FAX: 045-540-2227

Issuance for public information yokohama Kohoku Ward The first-floor first window
Management of Kohoku Ward homepage
Various expert consultation receptionists (law, traffic accident, the registration)
Request about municipal administration, reception desk of information disclosure
Distribution such as guide, various brochures of living The first-floor front entrance window guide
Ward office window guidance

Planning and Adjustment Section telephone: 045-540-2229 FAX: 045-540-2209

Plan, progress management of main business in ward The fourth-floor 42nd window
Making of rule consultation corner of town
Thing about town development

Handling time

  • From Monday to Friday: From 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    (you are doing the handling for from the midday to 1:00 p.m., but may have to wait as you cope in one staff. In addition, depending on business, you may have to wait until 1:00 p.m..)

Information for each window

Public Relations Section (the first-floor first window)

[handling duties]

※About duties that are easy to be wrong

Building consultation in Building Standard Act
Housing and Architecture Bureau information consultation charging talk: 045-671-2953
Consultation about the welfare
Elderly and Disabled Support Division, Children and Families Support Division, life support section (window varies according to consultation contents)
Consultation about health
Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section the third floor 37th window telephone: 045-540-2362
Consultation about city tax
Tax Division (window varies according to consultation contents)
Consultation about national tax
Kanagawa taxation office telephone: 045-544-0141
Land prices based on accessibility
Kanagawa taxation office telephone: 045-544-0141
Valuation of property tax
Tax Division Land Section the third floor 35th window telephone: 045-540-2275 - 2279
Passport application
Kanagawa passport center telephone: 045-222-0022
Inquiry of Municipal Housing
City housing corporation telephone: 045-451-7777
Inquiry of Prefecture Housing
Kanagawa Prefectural Land and Building Maintenance Committee telephone: 045-201-3673
Poster notice in ward Government building
General Affairs Division General Affairs Section the fourth floor 44th window telephone: 045-540-2206
"Window service corner"
Family Registry Division (in front of Registration Section window)

※About duties that are easy to be wrong

Thing about city planning of restricted zones
City of Yokohama, Housing and Architecture Bureau City Planning Division telephone: 045-671-3510