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Information for parking lot


  • As stationed-in-bike-race ticket is issued in the case of entrance, please receive.
  • Ward office parking lot is charged. (parking fee)
  • As rate incurs when we enter, coming customer has stationed-in-bike-race ticket by procedure, consultation, and please pay the difference after receiving the certification at window of the use. As you cannot authenticate by window guidance, please show stationed-in-bike-race ticket to person in charge of use window. (when there is window congestion, there is a charge for thing more than free time.)
  • As charge of parking lot is exempted person having notebook of certificate of the physically disabled, mental patient health welfare notebook, love, person coming by low-emissions vehicle (electric car, fuel cell-powered car, natural gas car, plug in hybrid car) from, please show various notebooks, vehicle inspection certificate in window.
    I would like cooperation to have you leave a shed as promptly as possible if we finish business because there is little parking space.
  • Can park; 59 number (nothing for inner person with a disability)

About congestion of parking lot

I would like cooperation to stop at road in parking lot no vacancies, and not to wait.

Because cars awaiting parking form a line on road, we produce traffic jam and are in danger of being connected for accident.
Until now from indication and the police from all of you is warned.

We have understanding, cooperation and would appreciate your using public transport (train, bus) on the next agency.

In addition, parking lot is crowded chronically except public hall closed days (principle every month second Monday) and ward office closed days. We hope that we have it be understood.

About the details, the congestion situation of parking lot

About detailed information and congestion situation of parking lot, you can confirm in page of Times Kohoku Ward synthesis Government building.

About the use of public transport

Kohoku Ward government office may not be stocked at the time of congestion to lack parking lot space.
We hope that you use public transport as much as possible.
Please refer to collection of links of timetable of train, bus.

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