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News of open agency of ward office window in Kohoku Ward government office second fourth Saturday

Open agency does Family Registry Division, Insurance and Pension Division, window of Children and Families Support Division (some duties) at Kohoku Ward government office in the following plans.
Please use.

The open agency date and time

  • Open agency day: Every month second fourth Saturday
  • Reception hours: From 9:00 to 12:00

Handling duties

※ As there is thing to handle, and not to have including duties that confirmation to other local governments and engines needs, please refer beforehand.

Department in charge Handling duties Reference Telephone FAX
Family Registry Division  Issuance such as report, resident move notification, Seal Registration of family register, all the family register, personal matter certificate (koseki*shohon), copying of resident certificate of various certificates
※ We handle report of building transfer (fubansarusei) and cannot do it. 
※ We handle, and office work (issuance, grant of Basic Resident Register card, public personal identification, global grant of copying of resident certificate) about the Network System for Basic Resident Registers is not possible.
About the congestion situation of Saturday open agency of Family Registry Division Registration Section
Family Registry Section 540-2250 540-2260
Registration Section 540-2254 540-2260
Insurance and Pension Division National Health Insurance, National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) National Pension Plan Section 540-2346 540-2355
National Health Insurance Section 540-2349 540-2355
Children and Families Support Division Grant of mother and child health handbook, application of Child Allowance
※ Waiting time required for procedure gets longer very much in comparison with weekdays about open agency day on Saturday. We would appreciate your spending dispatch at relatively early time. 
In addition, please note that window is crowded very much after 10:30.
※ Nursery schools deal with duties of relationships, and they are not done. Receptionists such as documents cannot do it, too.
※ On applying,Pregnancy registration formTo where pregnancy registration form was opened   
  Please list two kinds of documents of this.
※ When proxy/agent comes to window, proxy is necessary.
Children and Families Support Section 540-2340 540-2426