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Know area; trout 2017 (all Portable Document Format)

Based on result of various statistics investigations into inhabitant of a ward attitude survey, national census, gathered up the current situation every district in Kohoku Ward using map and graph clearly visually; "it was revealed, and area issued trout 2017".

Image (2017 "area we know trout")

We gathered up to compare all the Kohoku Ward local current situations according to field.

Collective downloading (Portable Document Format 3,478KB that it is in A4 size as for all the paper note)

 Seat according to "area we know trout 2017" district

We compiled local information that we made based on various statistics according to district. (Portable Document Format that, as for all the paper, it is in A3 size note)

Hiyoshi district Tsunashima district Ozone district Tarumachi district
Kikuna district Morooka district Okurayama district Shinohara district
Castle volost district Nippa district Shinyoshida, Shinyoshida hiba arborvitae district Takada district