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☆kouhokuno mall held snacks walk a little in 2018!☆

Snacks walk held kouhokuno mall blessed with fine weather a little on Saturday, November 24.
It is state of snacks slightly          It is state of snacks slightly

"We could know mall and we talked with person of shop, and there was and, from participants, was very good!" It was very popular saying "person of shop was friendly and wants to use shop which became known by this event in future by all means!"!

In addition, we held "healthy measurement party" by member of health practice promotion and ward office health nurse in Myorenji‼
Healthy measurement society

[we pick up kouhokuno mall a little about walk] ※We accept participation on the day!

It is snacks poster a little

* On the date
 Saturday, November 24, 2018
 From 10:30 to 17:00 (in the case of official announcement, we cancel rainy weather decisive action, heavy rain warning)

* Venue

 11 malls (around Takada Chuo Shoko society, south Hiyoshi Store Association, Hiyoshi mall cooperative, Tsunashima mall alliance fair, Ozone mall, Okurayama mall promotion association, Kozukue mall cooperative, Kikuna East Exit dealer honor fair, Myorenji mall (Myorenji Nico Nico fair, Nakatehara dealer honor fair, Kikuna by a pond mall)) in ward

[we pick up kouhokuno mall a little with walk?]

 Visiting mall participation stores in Kohoku Ward, it is walk event for the purpose of charm discovery of mall of Kohoku Ward toward goal while getting present in exchange for ticket at participation store.

Let's find shop, product of "we like" at mall of Kohoku while enjoying walking!

※In the case of a lot of prior application system, applications, we draw lots

[participation in event method] ※About participation method on the day

1 mall purchase frame (lottery exemption) ※Not Available

  Distribution period: Until Sunday, September 30
  We distribute exclusive application toward the purchase more than 1,000 yen once in shop publishing in flyer poster. It becomes lottery exemption when we have you apply with exclusive application.
 Exclusive application to distribute at each store is limited in number.

2 public applications (in the case of a lot of applications, we draw lots) ※Not Available
  Application period: From Monday, October 15 to Friday, October 26
  Application by the Internet.https://www.e-shinsei.city.yokohama.lg.jp/yokohama/uketsuke/form.do?id=1533101092689

We participate on the day of 3 and accept!
  On the day we take participant from 11:30 on the day on Saturday, November 24. Person that participation is hoped for come to Takada (form) or Myorenji (Shakado) directly at 11:30.
※ On the day come to the headquarters of each meeting place as you have you list participation application in front of reception desk.

[flow (plan) of event participation]

Application to 1 event
  [participation in event method] We participate and apply to street of this.

Sending of identification of 2 participation
  As a result of lottery, we send "identification of participation" to elected person (application representative). (about the beginning of November)

Day of 3 acceptance
  We accept at start point, start place appointed with "identification of participation".
In the case of reception desk, we charge premiums of 300 yen for one participant.

4 starts!
  As we distribute "slightly map with snacks ticket" at reception desk, let's leave for goal while "picking up attractive product of each shop a little", and doing!


・"Prior application" is necessary for participation of event.

・It is more than primary schoolchild to be able to participate and can apply to up to four once.
(less than primary schoolchild assume companion and do not really distribute snacks ticket)
・On the day 300 yen is necessary for participant one for premium.

[about healthy measurement society]

We can measure ‼ body composition holding "healthy measurement party" by member of health practice promotion and ward office health nurse in the Myorenji precincts, muscular strength, agility of lower limbs, balance, and it is at physical good opportunity to know of oneself. Please drop in casually.
Holding time: It is 12:00, from 14:00 to 16:00 from 10:00
Measurement item: Body composition, start test, toe power, seat rank stepping                                                                       


Kohoku Ward Regional Promotion Division mall charge
Telephone: 045-540-2234
FAX: 045-540-2245