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☆We held "let's enjoy mall in kouhokuno mall parent and child" in 2018!☆

★Folding book shop★
<Kozukue mall cooperative, 450-3, Kozukuecho>
We experienced nerikiri of Japanese confectionery. It was usually experience not to be possible!

★kojima shinso★
<south Hiyoshi Store Association, 3-27-15, Hiyoshihoncho>
A lot of feelings that are careful on handmade cushion of craftsman! We handcrafted cushion by oneself this time.

★Mt. sen* side★
<Myorenji Nico Nico society, 1-4-8, Kikuna>
We experienced indigo dyeing of white handkerchief. We were dyed neatly!

★Bank of Yokohama Myorenji Branch★
<Myorenji Nico Nico society, 1-9-25, Kikuna>
Bank did various work. It was difficult to count bill.

★Chicago toggery★
<Enomoto dealer honor society, 1-1-60, Shinoharahigashi>

We will learn how to put buttons. We made button charge account and handbag porch!

★Figure studio yoga classroom★
<Myorenji Nico Nico society, 1-7-1, Kikuna palette plaza 2F>
We enjoyed yoga in parent and child. We move body happily, and physical strength, concentration improves!

★Ishido Bookstore★
<Kikuna by a pond mall, 1-5-9, Kikuna>
When book which oneself displayed is sold, we are glad! Cash register experience throbs, too, and is heated; is heated!

Let's enjoy mall in kouhokuno mall parent and child [held summary]

On the stage of shop of mall of Kohoku Ward, it is event experiencing that all of elementary school student of primary schoolchild and protectors are fun in shop. It is the third holding in this year. 

[event that when "let's enjoy mall in parent and child," how is?]
 At local mall primary schoolchild "experience to be heated to be heated." Storekeeper of each store is professional of the way! Do you not experience service of shop while being taught professional knowledge and skill?
Parent and child pair of primary schoolchild and protector in ward recruits. (application in brothers is possible to two children for one protector. But please note that preschool child becomes only visit.)
Seven stores participate in total from mall around Kozukue mall cooperative, south Hiyoshi Store Association, Myorenji Station and offer fun experience to primary schoolchild in ward and the protectors. You do work, and do you not have a delightful experience all day long in summer vacation?

[held summary]
The date and time: Monday, July 23, 2018, 24th Tuesday, 25th Wednesday
Venue: Each venue (seven places) of around Kozukue mall cooperative, south Hiyoshi Store Association, Myorenji Station mall
Entrance fee: It varies according to each store. Free ... 1,000 yen/set (when it costs entrance fee, on the day please pay at each store.)
Application method: Application by the Internet

Application period: From Tuesday, June 12, 2018 to Friday, July 6, 2018 (in the case of a lot of applicants, we assume lottery)

・Application says that it is to once per one primary schoolchild experiencing.

・When we are applied in brothers, it is possible to two people for one protector. In addition, preschool child becomes only visit.

・In the case of a lot of applicants, it is drawn lots.

・We consider child participating during experience not to make any injury in shop, but protector would appreciate your being careful, too.

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Event was finished.


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