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Top page > Kohoku Ward > Regional Promotion Division > Mall > ☆Mall information (shop of three of Myorenji was chosen as one article of 2015 Myorenji pride of Kohoku Elementary School Class 4 of the third grade) of Kohoku Ward☆

☆Mall information☆

Is it ... that all of elementary school student of Class 4 of the third grade of Kohoku Elementary School chose as "one article of 2015 Myorenji pride?"

 All of elementary school student of Kohoku elementary school Class 4 of the third grade which wants to spread good town of Myorenji more and yet more. We authorized for "one article of Class 4 of the third grade Myorenji pride" with a choice of four from "product to be able to buy only here" clogged up of storekeeper feelings that we made with gusset of Myorenji. We held fair that attracted these and seemed to announce to protectors.
 Here, we introduce shop in mall of Myorenji and the product.
You go to visit Myorenji, and please appreciate one article of pride of Class 4 of the third grade.
Poster which all of elementary school student made, please click this.

 Map of 3 stores

1 Nakatehara quotient honor society tea Kotobuki

Cookies (soy sauce) of bean-curd refuse of egg nonuse

❤❤❤It was completed by collaboration plan (suggestion of all of Class 4 of the third grade) with Yokohama soy sauce (Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi)!❤❤❤

 "We accept the town exploration of primary schoolchild. Children are diligent, and they are very pretty. It is storekeeper Yuko Yoshida of "tea Kotobuki" of Nakatehara dealer honor fair that tell, figure which we check product selling shop well and announce in class was really heartwarming.

 Tea Kotobuki Yoshida

 Two-pole banner of congratulations of the second anniversary of the opening that all of Class 4 of the third grade made. This two-pole banner seemed to be surprise present with all feeling of thank you to Yoshida.

Bean-curd refuse cookies This bean-curd refuse cookies are soy sauce flavor in egg nonuse. It is cookies made of collaboration with "Yokohama soy sauce". It is slightly salty and is slightly sweet and can have you taste which does not like sweets. Design becomes thing in imitation of "Hama mark" of Yokohama-shi!

2 Myorenji Nico Nico society eight states shop 


★★★It is only handmade oden Taneya loved in Myorenji★★★

Eight states shop Eight states shop which the master reaches with openhearted smile. Thing which we lifted up on the day sells out on the day. Let alone winter oden, fried food which we can eat just forms a line as side dish crowdedly regardless of season.
 We chose everybodies of elementary school student of Kohoku Elementary School Class 4 of the third grade, traditional wonderful shop.


 "Satsumaage" became one article of Myorenji pride! It is one push of shop for simple taste wearing well!


KITAMURA of 3 Kikuna by a pond mall meat 

Corned beef of Yamagata beef

☆☆☆All 30 kinds of artefacts are handmade☆☆☆

KITAMURA of meat
  "KITAMURA of meat" which there is in arcade of Kikuna by a pond mall.
 Visitor does shopping consistently.
 He/she tells recommending which meat we should be going to have by menu.

  For approach of Class 4 of the third grade of Kohoku Elementary School Masahiro Kitamura of storekeeper
 "We are glad that he/she is interested in meal. Though it is the time when food is easily available, we contribute product to visitor with handicraft by the manufacturing method from old days. He/she said, we are very glad that he/she came for shopping in parent and child.

Corned beef is completed in taste that pulls oil for labor and time as much as possible, and was light, too.Corned beef
Without "baking, just oil which was light when just ate for advice called meal be temite!" melted in mouth, and exquisite taste opened.
We were taught saying "part of scrap untied to hot rice and ran and dropped egg yolk midmost and is slightly exquisite if we hung soy sauce and ate".