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Kohoku Ward young people instructor meeting


Kohoku Ward young people instructor meeting consists of young people instructor meeting representative in ward and performs various activities about young instruction upbringing in area.





Chairperson greetings

We usually have great effort and cooperation for young people instructor activity more and thank heartily. Young people instructor system that we receive commission from prefecture, city, and is active will make 50 years since start of 1968 in this term.

Environment surrounding the young people changes busily these days so that we are symbolized by growth of the internet and digitization. The present conditions that there is no end to child abuse by parent are just beyond words. For our activity, carry out "sense to feel life in concept called ..." from childish house; there is experience classroom naturally. Is gear changing in a certain meaning not necessary saying we stare at the origin again and are from "digital to analog?"

Approximately 2,700 people in Yokohama-shi, 164 young people instructors in Kohoku Ward practice healthy upbringing activity. I would like support cooperation of all of you entirely.


Kohoku Ward young people instructor
Chairperson Kazuya Ishii

About young people instructor

Young people instructor promotes young voluntary activity and the upbringing activity to plan young people healthy upbringing by the whole area. We call young people instructor "blue finger" (win) for short. Main roles are as follows.

Duty of young people instructor

  • Young instruction and upbringing of group
  • Promotion of local action to affect young upbringing
  • We work on local environmental maintenance and cooperation to facility
  • We work on consultation and protection about the young people
  • Instruction upbringing of working youth and increase of the welfare
aichan (emblem)
... "aichan" of Yokohama-shi young people instructor communication meeting
It is emblem. ...

Offer of Yokohama-shi young people instructor new emblem closed. Thank you for application.

Uniform of young people instructor

Young people instructor is active in the following uniforms. Give for voice to feel free to contact if you see by various events or simultaneous patrol.

Photograph of summer clothes
Summer clothes type

Photograph of winter clothes
Winter clothes type

Photograph of coat
Coat type

Young people instructor of each district

We are active by the system which is lower than each district, each in Kohoku Ward.

District The number of people
Hiyoshi 24 people
Tsunashima 16 people
Ozone 14 people
Tarumachi 11 people
Kikuna 12 people
Morooka Six people
Okurayama 14 people
District The number of people
Shinohara 17 people
Castle volost 12 people
Nippa Nine people
Shinyoshida 12 people
Hiba arborvitae Seven people
Takada Ten people
The total 164 people