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Top page > Kohoku Ward > Regional Promotion Division > Inhabitant of a ward activity support center information paper "comfort, play, study"

Information paper to support lifelong learning and inhabitant of a ward activity of Kohoku Ward (monthly publication)

Inhabitant of a ward activity information information paper "comfort, play, study"

273rd December, 2017 issuance

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  • Division downloading every pageComfort studying 273 cover
    • [PDF] One page (Portable Document Format, 276KB)

      The thirteenth "Kohoku art exhibition" exhibition offer! / - flower and recruitment of green town development - sixth Kohoku opening garden participation meeting places

    • [PDF] Two pages (Portable Document Format, 374KB)

      It is Yokohama-shi designation, registration cultural assets exhibition in yokohama walking point Kohoku volunteer guided tour (1) / Yokohama-shi history Museum 2017 to walk way 2 Tsunashima highway of Yokohama Seven Deities of Good Luck (2) craftsman rotating in a day

    •  [PDF] Three pages (Portable Document Format, 143KB)

      The series our town Kohoku 228th

    •  [PDF] Four pages (Portable Document Format, 183KB)
      [facility ichioshino event, course information December] Kohoku sports center / welfare center for the old Kikuna Jurakuso / Shinohara district center / Kikuna district center / Hiyoshi district center / castle volost Kozukue district center / Tsunashima district center / Nitta district center / Shinyoshida community care plaza / Mamedo community care plaza / Nippa community care plaza community house

    • [PDF] Five pages (Portable Document Format, 115KB)
      [facility ichioshino event, course information December] Kikuna community house / Morooka community house / area child care support base doroppu / area child care support base doroppu satellite / Kohoku library / Okurayama memorial / Tsurumi River basin center
    • [PDF] Six pages (Portable Document Format, 224KB)

      [play, study spot] "Welcome to Kohoku Ward child care support volunteer "pocket" Kohoku Ward "pocket" class acorn 2 years old child class / kouhoku theater project forest where there is no"; is event information in workshop and stage performer offer / Kohoku Ward area work place Network exchange meeting / shinyokohama local action home December by Mr. artist

    • [PDF] Seven pages (Portable Document Format, 233KB)
      [play, study spot] Beginner's class mahjong classroom mahjong will play / life active play tsunashima fair relaxation forum "fair of rakugo and magic" where it is exercised [twice continuation] of brain tray finger / ogura fair traditional Japanese playing card in pleasing Christmas concert 2017/ vocalist ensemble fururu "Christmas concert ♪ of ♪ fururu" / mamedo senior club December of woman's voice ensemble "Luce" a cappella Christmas! / group earth 62nd movie viewing society "floating weed"
    • [PDF] Eight pages (Portable Document Format, 177KB)
      [from ward inhabitant activity support center information for facility use] ◆Work, meeting corner ◆Meeting room, meeting corner ◆About method of group box / facility use registration

 <editing, issuance>
 Kohoku Ward government office General Affairs Department Regional Promotion Division inhabitant of a ward activity support center
 〒222-0032 26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi
 Telephone: 045-540-2246 FAX: 045-540-2246

Consultation of lifelong learning, the ward inhabitant activity, "teacher of town" to Kohoku Ward government office the fourth floor 48th window

"Comfort, play, study" back number


Series my town Kohoku back number (Okura moral culture research institute)

 You can see "series our town Kohoku" by Okura moral culture research institute published serially by the "comfort, play, study" 46th (January, 1999 issue) back number from the first.

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