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Top page > Kohoku Ward > Regional Promotion Division > Inhabitant of a ward activity support center information paper "comfort, play, study"

Information magazine (every other month) which joins "activity" of Kohoku Ward together

280th September, 2018 issuance

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  • Division downloading every pageComfort studying 280 cover
    • [PDF] One page (Portable Document Format, 2690KB)

      Culture, art to enjoy in special feature Kohoku Ward "will enjoy documentary film in Okurayama!" Culture, artwork which is performed in Kohoku Ward much. We introduce "Okurayama documentary film festival" this time!

    • [PDF] Two pages (Portable Document Format, 927KB)

      Take the ease by documentary film in culture, university of fine arts Cangshan to enjoy in special feature Kohoku Ward; is already activity of / "Okurayama documentary film festival" executive committee

    • [PDF] Three pages (Portable Document Format, 854KB)

      "Shinohara castle of opera illusion of the talk" which did on the stage of "ruins of a castle" of the Middle Ages in "our town Kohoku" spot Shinohara ruins of a castle green tract of land ward 1/ Shinohara Castle was staged.

    • [PDF] Four pages (Portable Document Format, 892KB)
      Fair (castle town meeting), Kozukue ruins of a castle festival to love town with bamboo fan club, Kozukue castle of forest protection fair, NPO corporation Japan of ... Kozukue ruins of a castle citizen introducing group which is active based in forest of 2 "ruins of a castle" of the Middle Ages in "our town Kohoku" spot Kozukue ruins of a castle citizen's forest ward
      - Kozukue ruins of a castle citizens

    • [PDF] Five pages (Portable Document Format, 742KB)
      Let's play studying spot (event information with group in Kohoku Ward) shinyokohama local action home (1) parent and child! It is hill park music festival (power support business of Kohoku Ward area) / mamedo senior club (1) September of the first Kohoku chorus club "fair of bloom" concert / second plum fair [143 times] of (2) contact Festa 2018 circle presentation / Kohoku nursery rhyme that gathers, and "lives" of active tsunashima meeting (1) masterpiece movie viewing "good friend penguin" (2) picture book story-telling "we talk egg" / [144 times] [145 times] throughout the life: It is song outao (2) October together: Goddess festival 2018 of Paul walking experience meeting / picture book story-telling Yokohama festival executive committee (1) first picture book story-telling ♡ autumn "as you like it do, and ☆ life be in short love ♡ in autumn, in autumn ♪ From dance society information for "in autumn ♡ forest (naturally) "irreplaceable children - past of party (banquet) ♪ of musicians" / Keio University foreign language education research center "student offer for extension course Keio university of foreign languages first semester" / "gather lecture of Kohoku library of the 45th anniversary" to the future" with /s class one-two-three (1) 1 year old half ... 2 years old half child class "panda" (2) 2 years old half ... 3 years old half child class "little bear" / lecture "youth support station" in / kouhokupasobora "New Year's card making course" / group earth 2018 forest "bamboo garden lantern festival" of information for "world of news or "will be ... size length husband tomorrow Japanese country ... of Japan politics" of course opening of a course / Korai young light and Sakagami stone shield historical fact and tradition" / 135th Kohoku ward inhabitant Go meeting / Kohoku traditional Japanese music association seventh Kohoku ward inhabitant charity "traditional Japanese music contact concert" / Kozukue ruins of a castle citizen ★Going out support volunteer "will know course basics of basic pickup and drop-off volunteer of assistance!" in meeting lecture fair 2018 to think about story / Kohoku Ward movement service of surname that "it is interesting, and was buried among way of checking and the history of the second Senzo as for the ancestors investigation" of subscription for ignition volunteer "akaribito" 50 (first-come-first-served basis) / Kohoku library friend From / registration group news (cooking class of man) of recruitment of members
    • [PDF] Six pages (Portable Document Format, 891KB)
      Please put opinion, impression for / "comfort studying" from inhabitant of a ward activity support center to (the second) "skill up cafe" / "studying spot" publication news citizen group, group administration desired.

 Kohoku Ward government office General Affairs Department Regional Promotion Division inhabitant of a ward activity support center
 〒222-0032 26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi
 Telephone: 045-540-2246 FAX: 045-540-2246

Consultation of lifelong learning, inhabitant of a ward activity, "teacher of town" to the fourth floor of the Kohoku Ward government office 48th window

"Easy studying" back number


Series my town Kohoku back number (Okura moral culture research institute)

 You can see "series our town Kohoku" by Okura moral culture research institute published serially by the "comfort, play, study" 46th (January, 1999 issue) back number from the first.

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