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Top page > Kohoku Ward > Regional Promotion Division > Inhabitant of a ward activity support center information paper "comfort, play, study"

Information magazine (every other month) which joins "activity" of Kohoku Ward together

279th July, 2018 issuance

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  • Division downloading every pageComfort studying 279 cover
    • [PDF] One page (Portable Document Format, 802KB)

      Special feature "begin, something has a foreboding!" My place to stay community cafe "place where how is community cafe" in area

    • [PDF] Two pages (Portable Document Format, 1360KB)

      Special feature community cafe is social place and generic name of place to stay to link person to person. It is in Okurayama navel, Okurayama mieru / others! Community cafe of Kohoku Ward

    • [PDF] Three pages (Portable Document Format, 779KB)

      Base ... of "our town Kohoku" spot Shin-Yokohama Park - environment event

    • [PDF] Four pages (Portable Document Format, 1500KB)
      Fair ... of the having a swim in a river sidewalk (city park) of river city park - pine of space pine of rest that "our town Kohoku" spot inhabitant of a ward makes

    • [PDF] Five pages (Portable Document Format, 645KB)
      "We pray to Tsutomu Aragaki of rock, and "- / Kohoku child care round-table conference (kushakyojonarijigyo) mends art object which is child craft classroom art for fair [love surukodomonouta 18] of concert" /Ki yutopia in -/ Okurayama mieru summer vacation about perception and phantasmagoria of -3 dimensions of space song outao / Keio University natural science study Education Center 34th science cafe about volunteer basics course "how to use, volunteer insurance of wheelchair" together during two dimensions and three dimensions" in beginner's class mahjong classroom 2 (2) September in fair reading salon / mamedo senior club (1) July of / happy mother music "welcome baby concert" / Kohoku libraries friend in meeting 2018 to think about studying spot (event information with group in Kohoku Ward) Kohoku Ward moving service! Town of /NPO corporation forum asoshie summer vacation Horta hall kids child from product rou / shinyokohama local action home mini-concert "kurabu Egg" / aminetto, Kohoku Ward Council of Social Welfare "attentive hearing in talks" course / registration group news (home cooking of English conversation circle smile, takeseiryunichihonginin (recitation of a Chinese poem), standard jazz club, father) of member offer
    • [PDF] Six pages (Portable Document Format, 1468KB)
      News 1 from inhabitant of a ward activity support center supports start-up of social movement for local power support business subsidy "skill up cafe" of citizen group, group administration 2! (supporting sum upper limit 50,000 yen) rent old tale picture-story show new item 10 product of / Kohoku! Please send opinion, feedback for / "easy studying" to / "studying spot" publication person desired.

 Kohoku Ward government office General Affairs Department Regional Promotion Division inhabitant of a ward activity support center
 〒222-0032 26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi
 Telephone: 045-540-2246 FAX: 045-540-2246

Consultation of lifelong learning, inhabitant of a ward activity, "teacher of town" to the fourth floor of the Kohoku Ward government office 48th window

"Easy studying" back number


Series my town Kohoku back number (Okura moral culture research institute)

 You can see "series our town Kohoku" by Okura moral culture research institute published serially by the "comfort, play, study" 46th (January, 1999 issue) back number from the first.

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