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2017 oldness and Kohoku contact Festival

Because the construction judged with difficulty badly, under the influence of rain which waved 2017 oldness and Kohoku contact Festival, and continued, state of venue should have been cancellation.
I'm very sorry, but we would appreciate your understanding to all of you.
★2017 oldness and list of Kohoku contact Festival supporting company, groups ★pdf
(Portable Document Format 947KB)

★2017 oldness and Kohoku contact Festival program ★pdf(Portable Document Format 13.5MB)

  ・ Venue: Shin-Yokohama station square park baseball field (JR, municipal subway [Shin-Yokohama Station] 7-minute walk)
      Detailed place, please refer to map of flyer publication.

★We raise 2017 oldness and Kohoku contact Festival stage appearance groups.★
(※ application acceptance was finished)


 Held contents


1 stage event

 Please enjoy stage of Kohoku Ward tradition including dancing and drum of association of Kohoku entertainment!

 In addition, go to it which is popular among children! As there is Anpan-Man show, please arrive!

2 booth branches

On the day booth of 84 is going to open a store in venue. As it is contents which made an elaborate plans with each group, please enjoy!




Great lottery that is heated where breeds in 3

We buy thing in booth and collect lottery tickets to get when we participate in game, and let's participate in lottery!
There are player signature uniform of Yokohama F. Marinos and famous hotel meal ticket, too!
※On the day venue is signboard in program distributing to and venue on that day, and please confirm about list of premiums.

Company, group which had you support in holding

On ittsu communications, YOU TV company, Yokohama F. Marinos, Kimura Shoji group the nyuokura, Kohoku Ward mall combination fair, consumers' cooperative you co-op area fair, Fuji food industry, Shin-Yokohama Grace Hotel, (no company) Yokohama construction industry association Kohoku ward assembly, Toell Co., Ltd., Yokohama branch office in northern Chamber of Commerce and Industry, memowarusoshia 21, nipa, the JA Yokohama Kohoku branch, Nissan stadium [association of Yokohama-shi physical education], the ITO EN Ltd. Yokohama Kohoku branch, (public corporation) Kanagawa association of residential land building business Yokohama north branch office (association of Kohoku Ward's house-built anti-crime program), morning sun fair Toyoko branch office, YOROZU Corporation in northern Yokohama, Shin-Yokohama Prince Hotel, day in the laboratory of ability, Shinohara Corporation, kei*gijukudai*, Orient surveying instrument, sill fur, the Tokyo dice, medical corporation deep intention Hiyoshi Hospital, Nakamori, medical corporation five planets fair Kikuna Memorial Hospital, spring and summer Corporation, gateau yokohama, nu wing golf club, yoneyamapuranteishon, religious corporation Myorenji, Kohoku Ward Council of Social Welfare, Kohoku Ward medical association, Kohoku Ward pharmacist fair, Kohoku dental association, independent administrative institute worker health security mechanism Yokohama Rosai Hospital, Shin-Yokohama ramen Museum, yokohama Kohoku Building environment meeting, Yokohama Arena, Yokohama-shi synthesis health medical center, social welfare corporation Yokohama-shi rehabilitation corporation, toyotaotomorukurieitotoressa Yokohama; come, and do, and good, Yokohama shine; Lions Club, Yokohama Kohoku Rotary Club, Shin-Yokohama wisteria view Hotel spa & residence, S Kay home, Kohoku road safety association, yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA, Kohoku Ward alliance Neighborhood Associations, stamp shop 21, TOWNNEWS-SHA Co., Ltd., toast, Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. Yokohama West Exit branch Hiyoshi office (random order, honorific title abbreviation)

Downloading of PR flyer

Contact Festival flyerPDF (1,016KB)pdf of flyer is displayed when we click image.


  Oldness and Kohoku contact Festival executive committee


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