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Let's support Yokohama F. Marinos together!

Kohoku Ward has Yokohama F. Marinos





For taking a ceremonial photograph of one where marriage registration form was submitted to Kohoku Ward government office Family Registry Division, we install "happiuedingumarinosuke & Ms. key specially made panel"! (March 13)

 In Kohoku Ward, we present "the marinosuke & Ms. key specially made photostands" to one where birth registration form was submitted to from last year to celebrate new Kohoku inhabitant of a ward birth.
 In memory that submitted marriage registration form to Kohoku Ward as the happy present second, how is photography with "happiuedingumarinosuke & Ms. key specially made panel"?

On 1 panel setting starting date
   Tuesday, March 14, 2017 8:45 a.m. ...

2 places
   Kohoku Ward government office Family Registry Division family register report window (the second-floor 24th window)

3 instructions
   We can take a picture using panel.
   Please offer camera respectively.

marinosuke & Ms. key


Takashi Togashi truth player
We tell about state of the "daily Director General" day! (October 27)

It was taken office as "daily Director General" Takashi Togashi truth player of Yokohama F. Marinos on Wednesday, October 19!
By this article, we tell about state of the day.

Grant of letter of commission Greetings of Togashi daily Director General


Announcement of "Kohoku Ward, Marinos" collaboration illustration Souvenir picture
▲It depends on Director General on Yokoyama Director General, Togashi day
   Announcement of "Kohoku Ward X Yokohama F. Marinos collaboration illustration!"


Resident certificate is issued in particular by marinosuke Announcement of the photostands
▲Special resident certificate is issued on Togashi day from Director General to marinosuke
   marinosuke became member of Kohoku Ward openly, too!
                                           ※Special resident certificate of marinosuke is this
▲We announce design of the Kohoku inhabitant of a ward-limited photostands!
   We adopted "the nap marinosuke Ms. key" to collaboration illustration
   This photostand is Kohoku Ward government office after October 20; birth registration form
   We present in submitted

Inspection in agency  Inspection in ward office
▲Togashi daily Director General inspecting each ward office section  

We work in Director General room and experience Director General room souvenir picture
  ▲We take a ceremonial photograph in Director General room

The agency Togashi daily Director General broadcasting
▲Togashi day Director General which is informed the staff of people from next agency by broadcast in agency
   Work of Director General is finished in this on Togashi day

         Thank you!

 "Is for a limited time"; news of display
On Kohoku Ward ward office the second floor, we perform display for a limited time.
As you display until the end of November, please drop in!
Daily Director General event display for a limited time

Takashi Togashi truth player
Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi "daily Director General" appointment (October 19)

Takashi Togashi truth player

* Commission type
  From Wednesday, October 19 14:00 in ward office courtyard

 Takashi Togashi truth player of Yokohama F. Marinos will take office as Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi "daily Director General" on Wednesday, October 19!

Kohoku Ward has home stadium Nissan Stadium of Yokohama F. Marinos. It is Kohoku Ward government office for it

It started by "Yokohama F. Marinos support project" in 2010. By this project inhabitants of a ward attachment to area

It is intended to have you feel more and cooperates with Yokohama F. Marinos by various approaches.

 As one of the approaches, player of Yokohama F. Marinos takes office as "daily Director General" and carries out various activities.

Takashi Togashi truth player of Kohoku Ward native place does the next agency in the fifth and this year to be and is taken office as "day Director General", and please act as heaping up position of Kohoku Ward.

As Yokohama F. Marinos and "mark of cooperation with Kohoku Ward," we show "Kohoku Ward X Yokohama F. Marinos collaboration logo illustration" in total and

We perform message broadcast to people from next agency. In addition, the special resident certificate presentation ceremony to marinosuke is enforced on Takashi Togashi Shinichi day by Director General, too

We do.

 In addition, the staff receives loan of replica uniform on the day and wears. I would like cooperation understanding of all of you.

* "Special resident certificate of marinosuke"
Special resident certificate of marinosuke

Kohoku Ward character Ms. key & marinosuke coloring contest
News (July 25) of winner

  N o Player Winner full name   N o Player Winner full name  
  1 Tetsuya Enomoto tanitora*kai   18 Endo Valley Futoshi Nakagaki yuzukisan  
  2 pakujonsu player Fuyo Ikeda   19 Teru Nakagawa choice of the personnel hand Yasumasa Nagasawa  
  4 Yuzo Kurihara Yamashita yunasan   20 marutinosu player Jiangxia Tatsuya  
  5 fabio player We do not go through Kaoru Moriyama   21 Tomoki Iikura nashimoku*kai  
  7 Shingo Hyodo The Kamioka future   22 Yuji Nakazawa morisan*to  
  8 Kosuke Nakamachi Kaho Suhara   Hiroyuki Amano  
  9 Mosquito is good; player *sentatsuya   23 Takumi Shimohira We do not lend with Ishikawa either  
  10 Shunsuke Nakamura Shigeko Sekine   24 Takashi Kanai Kamiya summer Nozomi  
  11 Manabu Saito Keisuke Nishiura   25 Naoteru Maeda Kei bell belonging to beach  
  13 Yuzo Kobayashi shinzoai*   26 Masaru Nakajima star Aimi Yoshioka  
  14 Akira Wada person Shelf network Yuichi   28 Takuya Kida Ayumu Miura  
  15 shiniichi*senshu hoshiyashiori*   29 Jun Amano Kana Yamazaki  
  16 Sho Ito Kitagawa greens cord child   30 Jun Taguchi choice of the personnel hand kutsukohana*  
  17 Takashi Togashi truth player Midori Matsumura sound   31 Takuya Takahashi shigashunsukesan  
            marinosuke Megumi Ishikawa non-san  

Winning; congratulations! In addition, I send notice to winner separately.

Chance that is seen with pace close!
We hold truck walk on the "kouhoku Sunkus match" day! (July 21)

* Reception desk
[time] From 16:15 to 16:30 (as it becomes the last walk-in, please be careful)
[place] The first gate

* Holding time
From 16:20 to 16:40

* The regular route of truck walk
The first gate → Main stadium → The goal back → The third gate

* Participation condition
Take residence, attendance at school, thing to attest to work in Kohoku Ward

July 30 "kouhoku Sunkus match"
News of Kohoku Ward-limited special treatment ticket! (July 1)

  Marinos, Ms. key marinosuke 

By Saturday, July 30 Nagoya Grampus war titled "kouhoku Sunkus match" Kohoku Ward government office and affiliate

We hold various events.

Special treatment ticket which intended for toward residence, attendance at school, the working in Kohoku Ward in commemoration of holding of the day of the game

We are sold only in Nissan Stadium meeting place.

* Target game
Meiji Yasuda Mutual Life Insurance Co. J1 league 2nd stage Section 6
Saturday, July 30 VS Nagoya Grampus 19:00 kickoff (Nissan Stadium)

* Ticket sales price
Home unreserved seat 2,100 yen (general price current 2,900 yen)
Home unreserved seat primary and secondary student 800 yen (general price current 1,100 yen)

* Sale place
The Nissan Stadium east and west today's ticket section
※Only on the day of the game

* Method for purchase
Please show thing which can prove residence, attendance at school, working in Kohoku Ward at the window mentioned above.
You can purchase with courtesy rate.
※It should be the purchase to six pieces per person.

Can Yokohama F. Marinos player Prize have?
We hold Kohoku Ward character Ms. key & marinosuke coloring contest! (June 11)

Player of Yokohama F. Marinos chooses each player Prize.

To prize winner, we present Yokohama F. Marinos home game parent and child pair ticket and souvenir!

Please participate. Specifically, please see this (Portable Document Format 731KB).Marinos Ms. key

Meeting place Nissan Stadium east fountain open space
Tricolore land "Kohoku Ward booth Ms. key & marinosuke coloring corner"
※We do not accept application of work at Kohoku Ward government office.
Access map (Portable Document Format 167KB) to meeting place 
Date Saturday, June 11, 2016 from 12:00 to 14:45
Object To sixth grader (to one point alone as for the application)
Announcement Is ward homepage in the middle of July; with announcement of the name exchange method of watching parent and child pair ticket, souvenir
We send winning guidance that listed display places of winning work.
 Prize Watching Yokohama F. Marinos home game parent and child pair ticket
Schedule: Saturday, July 30
Play team: Nagoya Grampus
Meeting place: Nissan Stadium
Application paper When we do coloring at home,
We download coloring paper from lower link and make prints to A4 size,
You paste the coloring paper back side, and please apply.
※Even teller of ward office the fourth floor 46th Regional Promotion Division distributes paper.
Kohoku Ward character Ms. key & marinosuke coloring paper (Portable Document Format 612KB)
The coloring paper back side (Portable Document Format 144KB)
Instructions Copyright of entry and the right to use belong to Kohoku Ward government office.
Please note that you may display entry.
Inquiry Ward office Yokohama F. Marinos support project
TEL 045-540-2235/FAX 045-540-2245

"Oh, in classroom which does not worry about true child traffic"
marinosuke Tricolore mer Maize participates. (June 1)

Because first grader learns "safe how to ride bicycles" from third and fourth grade students of primary schooling (3-4 years student) by "how to walk safe road" every year,

"Oh, we hold lesson not to worry about true child traffic" in elementary school in ward.

By, "oh, true child traffic security lesson" to perform in Kohoku Ward in marinosuke and Tricolore mer Maize of "Ambassador Kohoku Ward security/safety"

We have you participate and have examples of how to walk and how to get on go.

(in 28, we carry out at the small in the Kozukue small, the Shinohara small, the Shinyoshida second small, the Takada small, the Azuma Tsunashima small, the Nitta small, the Futoo small, arrow.)

marinosuke which rides bicyclemarinosuke and Tricolore mermaid
marinosuke which is surrounded by students

Ms. key and marinosuke come up to "school bag cover" of first grader! (May 1)

Without encountering celebration and traffic accident of entrance to school to new first graders every year in association of Kohoku road safety

In hope of being able to send school life lively, we present school bag cover.

It renovated design of school bag cover from this year and became Ms. key that marinosuke was printed.

The presentation ceremony of school bag cover is held at general rules elementary school entrance ceremony of April 5,

marinosuke and Tricolore mer Maize celebrated entrance to school.
State of entrance ceremonySchool bag

Of association of Yokohama F. Marinos and Kohoku Ward, Kohoku Ward Neighborhood Associations tripartite
We concluded "basic agreement about cooperation of hometown activity"! (January 23)

Yokohama F. Marinos is Kohoku Ward with Nissan Stadium; through the year

We have you work on various local contribution.

In addition, we give Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations and ward including mall and support Yokohama F. Marinos.

As for hometown activity that Yokohama F. Marinos presents, the activity contributes to area directly and,

In making "connection of person" in area, and making Kohoku Ward "oldness" of all the inhabitants of a ward,

Existence of Yokohama F. Marinos is very big and is property which is important for Kohoku Ward.

Taking advantage of Shin-Yokohama move of Yokohama F. Marinos of January, 2016 of hometown activity in Kohoku Ward

To deepen cooperation about promotion more; of association of Yokohama F. Marinos and Kohoku Ward, Kohoku Ward Neighborhood Associations tripartite

Conclude "basic agreement about cooperation of hometown activity"; in "2016 Yokohama F. Marinos new system presentations" of January 23

We gave a presentation on this agreement conclusion.
Scenery of the tripartite agreement conclusion

In addition, we decorate the neighborhood of ward office the first floor entrance, and Ms. key and marinosuke invite everybody!
Tax in proportion to the number of people scenery with ward office