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Top page > Kohoku Ward > Health and Welfare Center > Childcare charge > Person who wants to work in nursery school must see it! Visit to Kohoku Ward nursery school workplace tour

Visit to Kohoku Ward nursery school workplace tour

All of you who have nursery staff qualification in Kohoku Ward! Student to be nursery staff! It applies in this         

We carry out visit to nursery school workplace tour!
※Application for the H30 year was finished.

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Please see this in detailed schedule of tour!
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The highlight

1: We can observe plural gardens (we stood) in half day!
You can observe child care scenery of nursery school without opportunity to usually see very much and,
We observe up to three garden how during half day and can compare.
We surely serve as a reference in choosing your workplace!

2: We can ask active nursery staff a question directly!
Please ask nursery staff acted on in nursery school about curious thing directly.
Story of active nursery staff person is sure that it is studied, thing!
In addition, unlike employment examinations, it is chance to hear that we want to really hear.

3: Nursery school of visit promises acceptance of principle training!
In visit garden, we have you promise acceptance in training basically.
If is looking for training, right or wrong examination!
※You want and may not attach depending on time and the number of people.
※Please consult about detailed schedule and training contents individually with nursery school.

4: Of course…Free of charge!
Naturally money is not necessary!

Flow until application ... day

We apply from this page or telephone.

Email of guidance arrives up to four days before.

Wait for the day (while being excited)!

On the day come to meeting place (the nearest station) of mention for email.

At meeting place, please join staff of city.

Garden of the station neighborhood shows around distant place by taxi on foot.

We arrive at garden and give visit in garden and guidance.

You can observe up to three garden in half day!

It is dissolution in the field (or meeting place) if we finish visit.
Thank you!

The schedule details

[the date and time]
Each from August, 2018 to September time from 9:00 to 12:30

※As for the details, please see table in schedule in this page.

[application period] 
Until from June 15, 2018 to August 10 ※It was finished.

[application method]
Web application form (cf. URL or QR code)

Application direct over telephone
※Tell about full name, phone number, the hope date and time in the line.


26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku
Kohoku Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division
Until visit to nursery school workplace tour charge
TEL 045-540-2305

Application from this

[tour schedule] (we increase in click)

[on the telephone application]
TEL 045-540-2305
Tell with matter of visit to workplace tour in the line.

[from WEB site application]

(application form URL)


(application form QR code