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About application for profit such as 2018 nursery schools

April, 2018 nursery schoolsTo one in hope of use of no

We distribute usage guidance from October 13 in 2018. ※As a distribution place of 13th is changed, please be careful!
 The details from ⇒ this
 Downloading of usage guidance, style from ⇒ this

※Nursery schools…It is facility, business such as authorization nursery school, authorized child institution (use of childcare), homey childcare business, small childcare business, childcare business in establishment (local frame).

About usage guidance distribution time, precaution

(1) April 1 next use application schedule

◆2018 usage guidance, use application and others style distribution

  From Friday, October 13, 2017

Distribution place: Kohoku ward office, Shin-Yokohama, Hiyoshi service counter in the city hall, local child care support base doroppu, doroppu satellite, downloading
※We perform distribution at ward office in the fourth floor 2 meeting room (we changed ※) only on October 13. It becomes distribution in the first-floor childcare counter in charge (14-1) after the first-floor medical examination meeting place lobby, October 17 on October 16.

※Open time of service counter in the city hall
Weekdays ... from 7:30 to 19:00
Saturday and Sunday ... from 9:00 to 17:00
We are absent for holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday, the year-end and New Year holidays (from December 29 to next year January 3) of national holiday and national holiday.

◆April 1, 2018 next use adjustment closing date

   Monday, November 6, 2017

◆Notice of April 1, 2018 next use adjustment result day

   The end of January, 2018

 (2) Basic date on using from April 1, 2018(primary application)

 ※ Basic date…It is point to judge the working situation of protector in use adjustment of nursery schools.

 ◆Saturday, September 30, 2017

 (3) About person acquiring child care reduced working hours

When working hours are shortened by child care reduced working hours, from use adjustment that the use requires in April, 2018, we judge rank by time (working hours in labor contract) before shortening. But, as a general rule, we judge by the latest working results even if we shorten working hours about the working days when there is not decrease of the days by child care reduced working hours.
About how to write employment certificate, please confirm with the entry point (the employment certificate back side) after employment certificate distribution start.
※Rank judgment: Judgment to affect priority of use adjustment

(4) Application method, presentation

Mail application (to Child and Youth Bureau authorization, use adjustment office work center)

※As presentation is not ward office, please be careful.
※Application method of suburbs where one, child applying for nursery schools are defective varies.

◆Application such as authorization nursery schools of the suburbs
・In former municipality desired, please confirm the deadline or required documents by yourself.
・Application submission of documents is Children and Families Support Division window of ward to live. (we do not accept application by mail)
・Within approximately two weeks before the deadline, please submit documents with margin.

◆Application of child needing special support
As procedure is necessary for nursery schools that application is hoped for of impaired child and child needing special support, medical consideration beforehand, come to Kohoku Ward government office by all means.
Prior procedure reception desk period, place before application of child needing special support
Period Until from Monday, October 2, 2017 to October 20 about Friday (come early if possible)
Place: Come to Kohoku Ward government office Children and Families Support Division childcare charge (14-1 window).
※Distribution of usage guidance, application documents is from Friday, October 13, and please note.
※About application method and the application deadline, we guide in prior procedure.

General inquiry

<dial for exclusive use of child, child care support system>
General inquiries such as forms of documents, please call here.

Telephone: 045-664-2607

FAX: 045-664-2828

Establishment period: Until Thursday, January 25, 2018
      ※But it is excluded on ~ Wednesday, January 3, 2018 on Thursday, December 28, 2017
Establishment time: From 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (include on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Downloading of 2018 use application style

◆Usage guidance and insertion document
Please confirm contents of both usage guidances for Yokohama-shi version, Kohoku Ward (★ mark) before application by all means.

In addition, please confirm insertion document (☆ mark) in addition.

Document name


City version

★In child, child care support new system Yokohama-shi nursery school, it is (2 .3 authorization) usage guidance in 2018

It is usage guidance of Yokohama-shi version.

☆About private transfer of municipal nursery school


Ward version

★2018 nursery schools for Kohoku Ward are for usage guidance 2 .3 certification application

It is usage guidance for Kohoku Ward.

☆Important point that we want to seize first


☆In open facility list (table), 2018 nursery school new in April, 30, it is usage guidance publication contents change information
※About document which we distributed from October 13, we revised class age of "nursery school which became dull" and capacity column of "Tsunashima child institution" (acceptance age does not include change).
 As for the map of new facility, map of this existing facility is this

It is information of new establishment garden.

☆Kohoku Ward neighborhood "child-care facility information" Kohoku Ward neighborhood "Yokohama childcare room, Kawasaki authorization Nursery Center"

It is facility information except Kohoku Ward.

☆New use numbers such as April, 30 nursery schools with possibility

It is "sky frame" anticipated at present.

◆Usage guidance and insertion document
It is style to have you submit.
About documents that oneself is necessary, please confirm 11 pages - 15 pages of usage guidance for city by all means in 2018.

Necessary documents  




 2018 presentation documents confirmation vote (Class two pieces)



 In the case of mail application, it is essential.

 Self-addressed envelope (please offer by yourself)   



 You put 92-yen stamp, and please fill in address. We reply by copying of confirmation vote.

 2018 child, child care support system supply authorization application (for 2.3) (authorized contents confirmation vote) (two pieces of both sides)



 One piece is necessary for child one. In the case of brothers application, it is necessary for the number of people.

 Entry example

 Use of 2018 child, child care support system application (for 2.3) (two pieces of both sides)



 One piece is necessary for child one. In the case of brothers application, it is necessary for the number of people.

 When there is facility, business desired more than eight, you fill out attached sheet (any style), and please submit.

 Entry example 

 Petition for 2018 2-3 authorization reason



 Please fill in only protector. Share of living together relative is principle-free. 

 Entry example

 2018 thyme schedule

Applicable person

Applicable person

 Please submit the next one.
 1 care, nursing (please list to know time that care, nursing takes.)
 2 working points are plural
 3 irregularity duty (when we can submit shift table omissible)
 4 attending school (when we can submit class schedule table omissible)
 Person who cannot prove the situation to need 5 or other childcare with document

  Entry example in case of care requirements

 Documents which prove that we need childcare



 Please confirm the details in the following table. 

 My number entry paper
 Identity verification document

* *

 In the case of use application such as kindergartens, presentation of my number is necessary for nursery schools from October 11, 2017.
The details, please identify this

<documents proving that childcare is necessary>
 When we apply at the brothers same time, we prepare for part of original, and for brothers, please submit copy.

The situation that needs childcare

Required documents

Entry example, remarks

One ・ which is employed at company or home, and acts

Person whom employment is arranged informally for

(working that, more than four hours a day, is more than 16 days a month)

2018 employment (plan) certificate (Portable Document Format)

2018 employment (plan) certificate (Excel format)

★Entry example of one during parental leave

★Entry example of other one

◎Instructions at the time of employment certificate entry

Self-employed people

(working that, more than four hours a day, is more than 16 days a month)

2018 working (plan) report (Portable Document Format)

★Working (plan) report entry example

Protector at the time of disease

Medical certificate (thing which it was listed in that childcare was difficult)


Protector is defective; ask

Copy of disability certificate

・Certificate of the physically disabled (copying of part which can confirm handbook registration number, person column, obstacle name)

・Notebook of love, mental patient health welfare notebook (copying of part which handbook registration number, person column can identify)

When we care for mind and body child with a disability, person

(including attendant to attending school)

●Disability certificate of person receiving care or documents (copy of care health insurance card, certification for long-term care letter of advice) understanding that we receive certification for long-term care or going to kindergarten, attending school certificate

●Thyme schedule


When we care for sick person and person requiring nursing care

●Medical certificate of sick person

●Thyme schedule


When protector goes to school

●Student registration certificate

●Class schedule list or thyme schedule


Preparations for delivery, rest of after giving birth

Copying of mother and child health handbook

Please submit cover, copy of part which you can confirm of the expected date. 

<documents which are necessary by other situation>
Certificates such as use of Yokohama-shi facility, business charges brothers child having many children reduction registration form and being on the register roll  When it is today (child) and uses either of authority of treatment facility Sonobe, elementary school student development support and medical care type elementary school student development support in kindergarten (except 1 authorized facility), Yokohama childcare room, special support school childish part, child with an emotional disorder short term, please submit. (we do not mind by presentation after the use of facility, business of child was decided.)
★Guidance about presentation
Style to submit to when there was change in supply authorization contents and facility, business desired, the situation of household
Authorized change (change, cancellation) application When you cancel case that supply authorization contents had change and supply authorization, please submit.
When supply authorization contents have change, submission of documents is necessary separately as needed.
Reinstatement certificate When you return to work from parental leave in facility, business whom the use decides, authorization nursery schools using, please submit for less than two weeks.
Use application contents change registration form You increase facility, business in hope of the use, and please submit when you change order desired.
★You do not have you fill in only facility to add, and please fill in all gardens from the first hope some other time including facility which has been already applied for. As original facility desired may become withdrawal when we have you fill in only additional facility, please be careful enough.
★When there is facility desired more than nine places, please fill out attached sheet. (style option)
Use cancellation application When taien does facility, business using to decline facility, business that the use has already performed decision (informal appointment) of, please submit.
※When you do informal appointment refusal, taien by the reason of moving to the Yokohama suburbs and childcare at home, please submit authorized cancellation application in addition.
Use application withdrawal application When you want to perform withdrawal of use application, please submit.
Certification application withdrawal application When you want to perform withdrawal of certification application, please submit. As you cannot continue use application when you do withdrawal of certification application, please submit during use application to use application withdrawal application in addition.
Supply certificate, supply authorization decision notice (grant, re-grant) application As supply certificate becomes any grant from October 11, 29, please submit supply certificate that grant is hoped for.
The details about supply certificate becoming any grant, please identify this.