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Current player of Keio University is lecturer! We held Kohoku Ward parent and child rugby experience meeting.

 In last year of ... finished ... first holding, we hold popular rugby experience meeting this year. Secondary to last year, current player of Keio University becomes lecturer. We received voice "that protector wanted to participate" in at the time of conduct, and parent and child allowed them to participate together this year last time. We look forward to participation of much one.


<Kohoku Ward parent and child rugby experience meeting> ... ... which was finished
 [the date and time] Sunday, July 1 9: It is 00 00-11
 [place] Keio University Hiyoshi, Shimoda rugby ground (1-1, Shimoda, Kohoku-ku)
 [object] Third grader - sixth grader, capacity 50 sets (first-come-first-served basis)
 [entrance fee] Free of charge
 [program] Tackle, pass to tackleback, lift up by line out, goal kick experience
 [sponsorship] Sponsorship: Association of Kohoku Ward physical education,
       The cosponsorship: Kohoku Ward government office
       Cooperation: kei*gijuku*iku**kyubu, Yokohama-shi rugby football association, Kohoku sports center
       The support: Ito En

 [application] From Yokohama-shi HP
 [deadline for application] It was finished
 URL: https://www.e-shinsei.city.yokohama.lg.jp/yokohama/uketsuke/sform.do?acs=kohokurugby

Parent and child rugby experience meeting

State on the day

 On the day it became ideal day for perfect rugby blessed with fine weather! Children who participated participated mimicking the play happily while nominating cheers for the force on seeing demonstration of players of Keio University rugby club.
 Concerning parent and child experience society, protector participates together, too, everyday; moved body with all one's might to relieve stress, and enjoyed play.
 Children who participated this time are interested in rugby and think that he/she should continue playing a game.