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Tag rugby classroom held news!


We hold tag rugby experience lesson in sports recreation Festival 2017 in Kohoku sports center


<sports recreation Festival 2017 in Kohoku sports center>
 [the date and time] November 3 Friday (holiday) from 9:30 to 17:00
 [place] Kohoku sports center (518-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku)
 [access] : JR, municipal subway [Shin-Yokohama Station] 15-minute walk
 The details of sports recreation Festival 2017 in Kohoku sports center are this

<tag rugby classroom>
 [place] Second physical education room
 [time] From 9:30 to 12:00
 [entrance fee] Free of charge
 [capacity] 30 first grader - sixth grader first arrival
 [reception desk period] From Tuesday, October 17 10:00
 [application method] Application direct to Kohoku sports center at telephone or window
         TEL: 045-544-2636
         Application window

<with tag rugby> 

  • Tag rugby is ball game that anyone lost can enjoy contact plays such as tackles safely.
  • Player binds waist with belt and attaches two tags (ribbon) there.
  • Score enters when we try goal line of partner position.
  • We aim at position of partner with ball. You must pass ball when you have tag stolen on the way.
  • Player who took tag cannot participate in game until we return tag until taken player receives tag and touches to waist. Meanwhile, game is continued in remaining players.

 As for the details, please see tag rugby official homepage.
 Tag rugby official homepage (http://www.tagrugby-japan.jp/)