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 Rugby World Cup 2019TM
Yokohama International Stadium to the stage


 2019 two years later, rugby meet "Rugby World Cup 2019" of the world's highest mountain
The final is carried out of this in Yokohama International Stadium in ward.
The final of World Cup of soccer and rugby being carried out at the same stadium
It is the second place following Stade de France of Paris.
Let's heap up Rugby World Cup 2019TM together!

Kohoku Ward rugby PR video


Kohoku Ward business

Rugby World Cup support
"Present plan"

<October 23, 2017 ...
November 2>
... ... which was finished
 We turned on sports
Open data utilization promotion

<June, 2017 ...>
Tag rugby classroom
<November 3, 2017>
... ... which was finished
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Rugby column

Representative from Japan mini-ball

Mr. Paul sumiza

Rugby column November issue

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