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Kohoku Ward opening data Terms of Use

Article 1 (copyright of Kohoku Ward)

 Of indication that is special about the use (adaptation such as reproduction, the public transmission, translation, transformation) of book which Kohoku Ward has copyright shall depend on creative Commons indication 4.0 international as far as there is not.

Article 2 (right of third party)

 Third party may have copyright or other rights in target data. Except thing that it is exhibited that it is right processing finished, we shall get in particular consent of the use from the third party concerned by responsibility of user. In addition, please be careful as identification, clear statement of part which third party in target data has right should not be.

Article 3 (no guarantee)

 About contents of target data, we do not guarantee all such as the accuracy, inclusion characteristics, compatibility to specific purpose. Even if the damage occurs by having used target data, we do not take responsibility.

Article 4 (relations with Terms of Use of other sites)

 When target data are released in other sites with this site, Terms of Use of this site shall give priority to when Terms of Use of this site are different from Terms of Use (we say use condition established originally in the site concerned separately from use condition to fix for laws and ordinances.) of other sites concerned.

Article 5 (the use to prohibit)

 About target data, we prohibit the use against public order and morals, the use to give menace safely of nation, the nation.

Article 6 (governing law and the agreement jurisdiction)

 Terms of Use of this site are interpreted based on Japanese law. We do district court having jurisdiction over the location of organization releasing object data modifying the dispute concerned about dispute about the use of Terms of Use of this site and target data or Terms of Use to with exclusive agreement competent court of the first trial.