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About receipt of notice of my number card

As for my number (personal number), it was done fuban toward all the members who had resident certificate on October 5, 2015, and notice of my number card was sent out.
We almost send out to person whom birth registration form and notice of the change of address from foreign countries were given to after the procedure of resident registration afterwards from three weeks to one month later.
Notice of my number card tells about my number (personal number) by paper card and is intended to confirm personal number in the case of procedures.

Notice card surface sample image Notice card back side sample image
Notice card (the surface)  Notice card (the back side)

About receipt of returned notice card

●We mail notice card to address place of resident registration by family nurturer expectation, simple registered mail that is transfer-free.
 When there is not change of address, notice card is returned about the following case to ward office.
   ・When address of resident certificate cannot pinpoint delivery that the post and nameplate grieve at.
    ・When we give transfer notice of mail to post office.
    ・When absence communication vote entered, but post office does not have communication during deadline for storage (seven days).

●About one returned from post office by ward office, I send postcard (ordinary mail that I can transfer) to tell that we were returned from ward office.
 I would like receipt at Kohoku Ward government office Family Registry Division window (the second-floor 21st window).
 On procedure of receipt, please bring required documents.
 ※Required documents when proxy/agent files is different from the person and member of same household.
  Come after checking the following homepage.

 Notice card sent back to ward office finished grant on October 31, 2017 without being sent all at once for my number system start original from November to December in 2015 and being received by absence.
   Notice card reissue procedure will be necessary in future (fee 500 yen).

When notice card is lost

●We can confirm my number (personal number) in resident certificate. Please request your resident certificate with "with my number".
 ※Including case that the person and member of same household do not file for may send by mail to address place of citizen registration without issuing on the spot.

●We can reissue notice card.
 After checking following home pe ji, I would like procedure at Kohoku Ward government office Family Registry Division window (the second-floor 21st window).
 ※It takes approximately 1 month to receipt after doing procedure.