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 We will have Kohoku vegetables in nursery school in the H30 year! (during occasional update)

We have authorization nursery schools in ward cooperate in Kohoku Ward from 2015, and o "having Kohoku vegetables on in nursery school!" carries out food education course.

By cooperation of JA Yokohama, we send ingredients of Kohoku Ward product to each garden and have you carry out food education course for local child care household.
In addition, after the course conduct, we make booklet which attracted recipes that we cooked in each facility and distribute for child care home in ward.

 Object: Local infants and the protector
 Venue: Each the Kohoku Ward child-care facility
 Expense: Free of charge
 Application: Application direct in each child-care facility

    Please refer to each garden for person who wants to know one, the details that wish to participate directly!
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