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Health promotion which begins with walking

yokohama health-style

We aim at "the best healthy life expectancy in Japan" in Yokohama-shi and push forward the making of structure that there is health promotion in everyday life although being a pleasure.

yokohama walking point yokohama health stamp rally yokohama senior volunteer point
It is business to have Yokohama citizen 18 years or older push forward health promotion in spite of being pleasure with pedometer. Stamp is pushed when we participate in health promotion business and is business that collects two stamps, and can apply for premiums. When we perform volunteer activity in care insurance facility, "point" is provided and is realization and structure which we can contribute according to "point" that we saved.



Walking notebook Kohoku Ward walking notebook

Inhabitants of a ward distributes "Kohoku Ward walking notebook" free so that health promotion is recommended through walking
We are. Please utilize person who has already walked, which you are going to begin from now on, by all means this notebook.
Walking map Kohoku Ward walking map

"Attractive photocontest of Kohoku town" that Kohoku tourist association carried out in 2014 and "photographic contest of 2015 kouhoku plums"
We made walking map using application photographs of this.
In walking map of second and two kinds which we issued in first, 27 when we issued in 26, we introduce 8 course.
You take a walk through this map to one hand, and please discover a lot of charm of Kohoku Ward.
tekuteku Kohoku walking guide "walks tekutekukou"

Famous spot of Kohoku Ward and Kohoku walking guide introducing the highlight release electronic data of "we walk tekutekukou".

Health promotion corner

Use of inhabitant of a ward facility inner "health promotion corner"

We installed "sphygmomanometer" and "body composition meter" in lobbies of use of inhabitant of a ward facility in Kohoku Ward, and there was freely healthy check in anyone by yourself.