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News (2018 version) from Kohoku Health and Welfare Center

We can download "news from Kohoku Health and Welfare Center" that Kohoku Ward government office issues.
In addition, copyright of this printed matter belongs to Yokohama-shi.
※When budget was approved in City Counsil, about conduct of business, it is settled.

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 Is 2018 edition (April, 2018 ~ March, 2019); (Portable Document Format, 548KB)

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 One page of 2018 version (Portable Document Format, 417KB)

 Health promotion

  • Yokohama-shi Health Checkups
  • Examination of type B, hepatitis C virus
  • Examination of cancer screening, periodontal disease
  • Vaccinations
  • Consultation about health promotion
  • Examination of HIV, syphilis

 Two pages of 2018 versions (Portable Document Format, 399KB)

 Baby, child, woman

  • Check ups for Infants and Toddlers
  • Thing about health of the pregnancy, delivery, woman
  • Thing about consultation, classroom of child
  • Consultation and classroom of nutrition, dentistry
  • Support, the furtherance

 Three pages of 2018 versions (Portable Document Format, 410KB)

 Elderly person

  • Welfare health consultation counter of elderly person
  • The Long-term Care Insurance

 One with obstacle and incurable disease

  • Welfare health consultation of impaired person and incurable disease
  • Medical system
  • Exchange meetings

 Various references

  • Community care plaza (Local Elderly Care Management Center)
  • General consultation counter of impaired person and incurable disease
  • Social security and consultation counter of life poor independence support
  • The night, holiday emergency clinics
  • Reporting, telephone consultation counter

 Four pages of 2018 versions (Portable Document Format, 250KB)

 Various medical examination conduct medical institution lists (as of February 1, 2018) 

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