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We held Kohoku overjoyed festival in 2017.

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, we held "Kohoku overjoyed festival" by sponsorship of exercise conduct committee to light Kohoku Ward Council of Social Welfare, Kohoku Ward society, Kohoku Ward government office in Kohoku public hall. On the day we appreciate your arriving to many of you.

Kohoku overjoyed festival flyer (Portable Document Format: 1.3MB) 

Inhabitant of a ward forum

Theme: "Making of place of exchange ~ where "place to stay" of all which area leads to - none can gather"
Coordinator: Seitoku University psychology, welfare department's professor Munehiro Toyota

With local everybody, community-based welfare health planning (plan Kohoku) to wrestle towards "town where anyone could live in in good health in peace" invited the third second year in this year.
We perform approach of "making of place to stay support experimental project of child in area" in Yokohama-shi and Kohoku Ward is chosen as model ward and is pushing forward approach now. In addition, even if it becomes old. The making of place becomes big viewpoint to realize living like oneself in area that lived so long while we push forward construction of local inclusion care system.

In this inhabitant of a ward forum, we made Munehiro Toyota of Seitoku University coordinator and had the making of place to stay where area led to as approach practice of "place to stay" announce from activity group of 3 districts that wrestled. Each group announced about what they valued by opportunity and activity of activity, trouble and invention of activity, the future prospects.
On the day we were able to ask viewer of floor about opinions such as impressions of approach about making of place to stay and announcement of 3 districts.

[announcement group]
◆Morooka child learning society (Morooka district)
◆Relievedly cafe (castle volost district)
◆Child with a disability person noyoridokorofurendo (Hiyoshi district)

Inhabitant of a ward forum looks on the dais
2017 inhabitant of a ward forum (state on the dais)
State of person of inhabitant of a ward forum going on the platform
(person of going on the platform)

Panel display

Each district Council of Social Welfare and volunteer, social movement introduced by panel display by activity to be carried out in area, Kohoku Ward Council of Social Welfare subcommittee activity the third Kohoku Ward community-based welfare health planning "plan Kohoku".

Inhabitant of a ward forum of plan panel display Panel display of inhabitant of a ward forum shakyo
2017 panel display (the left: the plan Kohoku right: jikushakyofunkakai)

The 35th Kohoku Ward social welfare meet

It was engaged in welfare health practice in area for many years and, for individual, group which had you make an effort, loaded with feeling of recognition of services and thanks and handed testimonial (caring, the long-time member service), letter of thanks (the money and goods contribution service) from ward Council of Social Welfare.

State of the 35th social welfare meet
2017 social welfare meet (state of the testimonial conferment)

Foods drive

As the first attempt, we held "foods drive by Kohoku Ward Council of Social Welfare" at the same time.
※We each bring food which we cannot consume at home, and foods drive is activity to gather them up, and to contribute to local welfare group or facility.
We had you contribute 273 food in total. Thank you for your cooperation.

Foods drive (state at the time of start) Heap of food contributed foods drive to
 2017 foods drive (mountain of food contributed the state right before start to the left)

Exercise motto contest excellent work display to light the 67th society

We raised works targeting at junior high student in Kohoku Ward and primary schoolchild 5~6 year students and, from 154 works in total, displayed junior high school 18 work chosen as excellence work, elementary school 48 work in hall.

State of motto contest work display
2017 motto contest (state of work display)

Bazaar, refreshment stand

In ward office courtyard, bazaar, refreshment stand by Kohoku Ward volunteer Network was performed, and Yakisoba, curry, Yokohama vegetables were sold. On the day it was prosperous very much blessed with fine weather.

State of bazaar in courtyard State of bazaar in courtyard
State (bazaar) of 2017 courtyard