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We hold Kohoku overjoyed festival in 2017.

We hold "Kohoku overjoyed festival" (festival of welfare health) in Kohoku public hall and ward office courtyard on Thursday, October 26, 2017.
Person doing welfare health practice in area, which is wanted to do from now on, to be interested in come by all means.
※It is rainy weather decisive action, but judges the conduct right or wrong at the time of stormy weather at 9:00 on the morning of the day. Please confirm ward homepage.

The cosponsorship: Kohoku Ward Council of Social Welfare

Kohoku overjoyed festival handbill (Portable Document Format: 1.3MB)
Dogwood - balloon, anyone can participate free! 

Kohoku Ward social welfare meet

It commends community development and volunteer activity, impaired person which had the service for independence.
Time: From 13:00 to 13:45 (opening 12:00)
Place: Kohoku public hall hall

Social welfare meet
[reference: in 2016 Kohoku Ward social welfare meeting]

Inhabitant of a ward forum

People working on community development and volunteer activity give a presentation on real activity contents. Please participate.

Theme: "Making of place of exchange ~ where "place to stay" - none of all which area leads to can gather"

In Kohoku Ward, place of exchange for many generations increases from child to elderly person. Does everybody not begin with small connection, too?

Time: From 14:00 to 16:00
Place: Kohoku public hall hall

[announcement group]
 ◆"Morooka child learning society" (Morooka district)
 ◆"Relievedly cafe" (castle volost district)
 ◆"Handicapped child person noyoridokorofurendo" (Hiyoshi district)

 Takashi Toyota Yutaka (Seitoku University psychology, welfare department's professor)
There are children hand in hand.


Foods drive

We each bring food which we cannot consume at home, and foods drive is activity to gather them up, and to contribute to local welfare group or facility.
If there is food corresponding to the next condition, bring to meeting place. We distribute food which we had to group and welfare related facility engaged in support of meal.
"It is a waste" for support of meal!

Place: Kohoku public hall lobby

[food which please contribute]
Preservation food (canned foods, bottle), grains (rice, noodles, wheat flour) dry matter (seaweed, dried small sardines),
Drink (juice coffee, tea), a lot of seasoning, cooking oil, instant meals, retort pouch

[condition of contribution]
The expiration date thing after February 1, 2018,
Thing which we can store at normal temperature, unopened thing,
Packing and exterior are not damaged

※We may have you take food which does not fit condition to go.

Refreshment stand, bazaar [volunteer open space]

Yakisoba, curry and rice, cafe and others
There is sale of fresh vegetables, too.
Time: From 10:00 to 13:30 (the end up to sellout ri)
Place: Ward office courtyard
 H28 bazaar
[reference: in 2016 bazaar] 
Branch group (random order):
Kohoku volunteer Network, Merry Christmas of small hill,
The fukushino sum, Takada, Kohoku recording group,
Local action home shimoda, jokyojiku volunteer Network,
Hill of local action home friend, disaster volunteer Network,
Shinohara district volunteer Network, aminetto

Motto contest and panel display

[exercise motto contest excellent work display to light society]
 Time: From 12:00 to 13:00
 Place: Kohoku public hall hall
 ※You can see the day before for from 16:15 to 19:30 on 25th.

[panel display (plan Kohoku, kokitakushakyokakufunkakai)]
 Time: From 12:00 to 16:00
 Place: Kohoku public hall lobby