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Kohoku Ward community-based welfare health planning
"Plan Kohoku"

[with community-based welfare health planning]

 Community-based welfare health planning aims at "town which anyone living in the area can live for like oneself in peace" and local resident and affiliate, administration, company cooperate and wrestle for solution of local Health and Welfare Division title and are plan to push forward cooperation and community development with assisting. Based on rule of social welfare method Article 107, we are placed as community-based welfare plan that each municipality will devise, but are doing name of plan with "community-based welfare health planning" to promote the welfare and approach of both fields of health integrally in Yokohama-shi. There are city community-based welfare health planning (= city plan) that is plan of the whole city in Yokohama-shi and ward community-based welfare health planning (= ward plan) to devise every ward.  

 Yokohama-shi community-based welfare health planning

[Kohoku Ward community-based welfare health planning]

["plan Kohoku" development, promotion Committee]

 We are constructed by Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations in ward, representatives such as welfare health practice groups and people of learning and experience. We perform advice about improvement of Kohoku Ward community-based welfare health pipelaying and plan.

 We held committee meeting. (February 15, 2018 holding) the minutes this (Portable Document Format: 242KB)

   "Plan Kohoku" development, promotion Committee committee list (Portable Document Format: 59KB)

  We held first Committee. (June 2, 2016 holding) the minutes this (Portable Document Format: 204KB)
  We held second Committee. (March 2, 2017 holding) the minutes this (Portable Document Format: 327KB)

   "Plan Kohoku" development, promotion Committee summary (Portable Document Format: 124KB)
   "Plan Kohoku" development, promotion Committee committee list (Portable Document Format: 59KB)

[Kohoku overjoyed festival]

  We hold "Kohoku overjoyed festival" to promote community-based welfare health planning, and to be able to know to many people more and perform inhabitant of a ward forum and panel display, bazaar, refreshment stand.

   Record of Kohoku overjoyed festival

     2017 (October 26, 2017 holding)
         2016 (October 28, 2016 holding)

   Past held report
Festival forum overjoyed in 27



[opinion about "plan Kohoku"]

 In Kohoku Ward, we accept opinion for plan at any time. Please put one with opinion to following responsible about welfare health. 

  Health and Welfare Division business planning staff
  Address: 〒 222-0032 26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku
  Telephone: 045-540-2360
  FAX: 045-540-2368
  E-mail: ko-fukuhoplan@city.yokohama.jp 

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