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Summary of border investigation

 Border investigation is to clarify road, river, waterway and border with land close against this which Yokohama-shi manages.
 When one owning land close against road and waterway needed border investigation, by application from the, Yokohama-shi discusses attendance with relations landowner.
 When this attendance discussion is established, border is decided and we install landmark and make figure of border investigation. Buying and selling of land, acreage of a plot of land rebirth, share writing brush can use illustration of border investigation.
 (when border is undetermined for border investigation, landowner concerned and "border clear statement" that city does attendance and establishes border and border have been already settled, but there is "the border reconstruction" to confirm again when it became uncertain. Way waterways of engineering works office, please confirm figure of border investigation, having document or not about border including road account book of the road Security Research Division before applying.)

Flow of border investigation

Application of 1 border investigation

When you needed border investigation, please submit the next documents to city (engineering works office).

  1. Road borders border investigation application (first style)
  2. Land register certified copy
     About application lot number, it was issued within three months
     At the time of application, we confirm that applicant is the existing owner.
  3. Public sectional map copying
     We copied in Legal Affairs Bureau within three months
  4. Guide map
  5. Attendance agreement registration form (the second issue style) of frontager
     One applied for explains purpose of border investigation to frontager before application to push forward local boundary attendance discussion smoothly and obtains attendance's consent.

  • With frontager
     We do people owning land close against road and waterway of application place (three coming next-door houses on both sides).
     We sign attendance agreement registration form, and person agreed with gives seal to.
     We are intended to confirm that you can go for attendance discussion and do not consent to this about border.

2 investigations

In city which accepted application, we perform document investigation, field work.

Notice of 3 attendance

On the local attendance date and time, we notify of places.
 As it is unavoidable and decides in city in pushing forward work on the attendance date and time because it is difficult for observer to choose convenient day of all the necessary, I would like cooperation.

4 attendance discussion

In the field, we discuss about border with road and waterway.
 Discussion is established and signs written consent, and border is decided by having seal. When discussion is not established, border with road and waterway will not be decided.

Making of figure of 5 border investigations

  When border is decided, we establish terminal landmark which city establishes and make figure of border investigation. Please apply to engineering works office of each ward for figure of border investigation needing certified copy.