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The radiation dose measurement situation in gardens of private nursery school


Measurement contents

 Garden (five places) of private nursery school ※It is surface of the earth 50cm with 1 ※We measure 2 space γ (gamma) doses of radioactivity.
 ※We grasp the situation of the whole garden by measuring center of 1 garden and north, south, east and west five places in total
 ※Height that we matched with build of kindergartener to measure influence of 2 external exposure

●Measurement time

 From August, 2011 to November, 2011

●Publication of result of a measurement

Result of a measurement (from August, 2011 to November (some December conduct)) of private nursery school

■Point that may become Mike Rothe pot

The radiation dose measurement situation of point that may become "Mike Rothe pot" in private nursery school



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