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About childcare charges

 Childcare charges is decided depending on the citizen amount of a tax, supply authorization division of child hanging over household, hierarchy division which Yokohama-shi set by the situation that is brother. (childcare charges performs review based on municipal tax every year.)
◎ Childcare charges having protectors bear becomes a part of the expense necessary to raise every day in nursery school. I would like your understanding and cooperation so that we are paid about the delivery of childcare charges necessary for administration of childcare business by all means by time limit. 
*For more details, please see the following "news about use charges" (childcare charges). 

★News about use charges (childcare charges)★

■Payment of childcare charges of authorization nursery school is ...■
 Payment of childcare charges should be method by fund transfer. We distribute use application in each ward Children and Families Support Division. Application becomes window of each financial institution. In addition, please pay at window of financial institution till registration of fund transfer is completed as you send payment notice every month on about 20th. It is the last day of each month in deadline of the delivery of childcare charges. (in the case of fund transfer, in the case of holiday of financial institution) is transfer day on next business day (28th for 28 days of each month.)
 When fund transfer is not completed by case without payment or balance lack by deadline of the delivery, we appoint time limit in the next month and send payment notice with reminder. (after the next month we cannot change again.) 
*In the case of the use, childcare charges becomes direct payment in each facility in child-care facility (Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, small childcare business, homey childcare business) except authorization nursery school.

■When payment of childcare charges of authorization nursery school is late; ...■
 As payment notice with reminder is sent in the next month of deadline of the delivery, and arrearages (we calculate in ratio to establish in the regulations from the next day of deadline of the delivery of reminder to day when we had payment and collect when the amounts of money become more than 1,000 yen.) are caused other than original childcare charges, please pay immediately. In addition, we send payment notice of arrearages after the childcare charges payment when arrearages are caused.

■When is behind with childcare charges of authorization nursery school; ...■
 Other than sending of reminder, we perform telephone and written notification to have you pay childcare charges voluntarily in Yokohama-shi. Nonetheless when you cannot pay, we perform property investigation into deposit, salary, life insurance, real estate and, as disposition for failure to pay taxes based on rule of the Child Welfare Law, carry out seizure of property and will allot for nonpayment childcare charges and arrearages. Please pay by all means by deadline of the delivery.

■News of receipt of childcare charges of authorization nursery school, municipal nursery school extension childcare charges■
 When issuance of "news of receipt" (paid proof) is hoped for in use, you have required items fill out the following style, and, about childcare charges of authorization nursery school, municipal nursery school extension childcare charges, please mail fund transfer to the next address.
(to application (sending) last :〒 231-0017 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Child and Youth Bureau childcare, education administration section childcare charges charge)

         News grant application (style) of nursery school childcare charges receipt (Portable Document Format, 73KB)
      News grant application (style) of municipal nursery school extension childcare charges receipt (Portable Document Format, 73KB)
 The news grant application entry point (Portable Document Format, 91KB) of nursery school childcare charges, municipal nursery school extension childcare charges receipt

*We issue "news of receipt" only by Motoichi predetermined style. Please note that you do not perform proof to company styles.


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