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Child-care facility, business

★Only widow (husband) subtraction carries out application that there is no from April, 2015.

 In the case of single-parent family without marriage career, use charges (childcare charges) may be reduced.

★Municipal nursery school auction information is this
★Information about municipal nursery school childcare training is this

About 2018 present situation confirmation

In the nursery schools, as for the usage guidances such as kindergartens, please see this in 2018.

As for the entrance situation such as nursery schools, please see this.

Please choose ward

We appoint kind and area of facility and can narrow down a search.

★Facility information data (CSV file form) such as nursery schools are this

<to all of facility, companies>
 When update of publication information is necessary, you make the following style, and please submit to childcare, education administration section.
 Presentation: kd-uneishidou@city.yokohama.jp

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