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Place to stay of parent and child?  Child home support consultation doroppu (Kohoku Ward)

Please see the following leaflets about "place to stay of parent and child" and "temporary custody information of child".

Place to stay, temporary custody leaflet of 30 parent and child

≪Collective downloading≫
We will go out! Place to stay of parent and child! Temporary custody information (H30.5 issuance) of & child [Portable Document Format: 5451KB]

≪We download separately≫
Cover (P.1) [Portable Document Format: 461KB]
What is area child care support base? (P. 2-3) [Portable Document Format: 1253KB]
Area child care support base Open space of gathering of parent and children
Child care support center garden ・
Child care open space private institution permanent construction garden
Private nursery schools are true child open spaces

Each "temporary custody of child" business page (P. 8-11)
Infants temporary custody business Temporary childcare such as authorization nursery schools
Yokohama child care support system Temporary custody in open space of gathering of parent and children
Illness child childcare Convalescence child childcare
24 hours model urgent temporary childcare Temporary childcare on holiday childcare, holiday

In addition, (P.12)
Child, home support consultation of ward office Child care supporter venue
Child care home support business "Hama hug"  

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