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Child care consultation of child care supporter

... which ... "child care supporter" supports

"Method of discipline" "How to give toys" Or we think feeling uneasy by child care including "we want to begin group activity of child care", that we are troubled together.

 What kind of person is "child care supporter?"

 It which thinks feeling uneasy by child care, that we are troubled together is "child care supporter". "Child care supporter" is senior mom of child care having various brains about child care of child of infants.
 Meeting place

 It is the room where infants can play safely in use of citizen facilities.
It is free to do comings and goings during holding time. Meeting place is free to do comings and goings.
 Holding day, time

 Please see list of holding places.

 We introduce Specialized Agencies as needed.
List of consultation places 
Button of link of list of holding places he

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