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Friday, June 2, 2017 is Yokohama opening of a port memorial day! 
                    On day to think about lifestyle "becoming ..." smile ♪ ...

   Do you not think about work-life balance on opening of a port memorial day?

 Commemorative day when Yokohama opened on June 2.
 On this memorial day, do you not think about oneself and family's way of life, improvement of way of working?

  ☆Do you not spend time with family and important person?                    
    ・Working father, mother take a vacation and go out in families!
    ・We sit in a happy circle around dining table with family all together
  ☆Do you not review way of working and how to spend time except work?
    ・We begin new hobby and local action
    ・We enlighten in interesting qualification and language study by oneself and inflect for work!

 Life Tal to value life except work and work with work-life balance (harmony of work and life).
 Rich life leads to high quality work, and we are connected, and well-controlled way of working has an influence good each other on a space of life in thing expanding both of life except work and work.
   Press release document 

  If go out in families; ...
Opening of a port festival Friday, June 2 .3 days (Sat)
 Big event "Yokohama opening of a port festival" to color early summer of Yokohama reaches the 36th in this year.
 Including Rinko Park (Seaside Park) and Minato Mirai 21 district, various events are carried out in new port districts.
 ※As for the detailed event contents, please see sponsor homepage.
 We open public facilities free! Friday, June 2

 To have children carrying the next generation get close to the history and culture of Yokohama,
 We open the next paid facility as main object free in small junior high school and high school student in the city. 

[facility where less than primary and secondary student become free]
yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA, Kanazawa Zoo, pool ※1 (), Tsuzuki removing Asahi, Sakae, Shimizugaoka Park, Hodogaya, rinetsu Kanazawa (bathhouse), Tsurumi, Kanagawa, the south, Hodogaya, Isogo, Kanazawa, green, Tsuzuki sports center (personal use and training room), Bank of Yokohama ice arena (only as for the run charges, free)

[facility where less than high school student become free]
 The hamaginkodomo space Hall of Science ※2, san*en, Mitsubishi Minato Mirai Industrial Museum (The Yokohama Building of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries), dai*ji*kinenkan ※3, Yokohama Doll Museum ※4, all Sail Training Ship, Nippon Maru, Yokohama and museum, Yokohama streetcar preservation building, Nippon Yusen Hikawa Maru, NYK Maritime Museum, the west, Konan, Asahi, green leaves, Totsuka, spring, Seya sports center (personal use and training room), Yokohama Marine Tower, Landmark Plaza Shopping Center 69F prospects floor ※5

[facility where less than university student become free]
Silk Museum, Yamate Museum

[facility where all the visitors become free]
Yokohama Archives of History, Museum of Yokohama Urban History, Yokohama Museum of EurAsian Cultures, Yokohama-shi history Museum, Yokohama-bijutsukan, Honmoku, Oguro, Isogo Sea zuri facility

※Contents and condition (the presentation of proof) available free vary according to each facility.
  Specifically, please refer to each facility.

※Child who does not get 1 diaper cannot enter pool. 
※Admission needs appreciation of 2 space Theater (planetarium) separately.
※3 primary and secondary students are usually free.
※Additional charge needs 4 plans exhibition.
adults can enter at 500 yen discount. (normal 1,000 yen)





We check this if with small child!

Child care daddy support website "Yokohama Daddy"
 Site where there are a lot of opportunities helping everyday child care.
 Commencing with introduction of outing information for daddies held in area and local daddies, we send the richness of child care.
 <main contents>
  We are going to hold local daddy course, event
  Place to stay of parent and child in area
  Child care-style "daddy file" of daddies
  ○"Daddy course report" which understands impression of contents and participant of course
  ○Bible "daddy book" of father child care


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