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Yokohama-shi pregnant woman oral examination

Let's receive dental health examination by all means at this opportunity!

 For lack of change of hormone balance and toothbrushing due to morning sickness, gingiva becomes easy to swell up when we become pregnant and is in a condition to be easy to become cavity. Possibility that frequency of premature birth, low weight child delivery increases is reported by severe periodontal disease.

Health condition in mouth of mom greatly influences born baby.

Let's receive dental health examination as much as possible in pregnancy from 12 weeks to 27 weeks!

  ●Person who is targeted for consultation

It is pregnant woman with resident registration in Yokohama-shi

    ●The consultation number of times

By the end of gestational period once (free)

    Grant of consultation ticket

Pregnant woman dental health examination consultation ticket enters medical examination ticket file handing with mother and child health handbook.


  Medical examination expense

    Free of charge

    ●Consultation medical institution

   Medical examination is received with "pregnant woman dental health examination conduct medical institution" (designation) in the city.

      ※After checking the following conduct medical institution list, please make a reservation.

   List of pregnant woman oral examination conduct medical institutions (city 18 distinction)

 ○Aoba Ward    ○Asahi Ward     ○Izumi Ward    ○Isogo Ward ○ Kanagawa Ward

 ○Kanazawa Ward    ○Konan Ward    ○Kohoku Ward ○ Sakae Ward    ○Seya Ward

 ○Tsuzuki Ward      ○Tsurumi Ward    ○Totsuka Ward ○ Naka Ward    ○Nishi Ward  

 ○Hodogaya-ku ○ Midori Ward     ○Minami Ward  

  Of "Yokohama-shi pregnant woman dental health examination conduct medical institution" pink to conduct medical institution
 Plate works.

    ●Consultation method

  You contact conduct medical institution, and please reserve pregnant woman dental health examination.

   At reservation time, we recommend the consultation hours of obstetrics medical institution as much as possible. 

    ●Medical examination contents

  Dentist examines having cavity or not, having calculus or not, having gingival inflammation or not by ocular inspection and performs dental health guidance based on medical examination result. We do not perform X-ray examination. 

    ●Belonging at the time of consultation

  ○ Pregnant woman oral examination consultation ticket

  ○ Mother and child health handbook

  ○ Patient's card Shinryo-ken of the obstetrics and gynecology department 


   ※   When treatment is necessary, as a result of medical examination, it costs treatment with medical insurance costs.

   ※   One transferred in the suburbs cannot use consultation ticket.

   ※   Other than the conduct medical institution, consultation ticket is not available.
  We do not refund expense when we received dental health examination without receiving grant of consultation ticket.

   ※   During period when consultation ticket is available, it is chisel during gestational period. As you cannot use after the delivery, please be careful.



    ●As a result of pregnant woman dental health examination

Pregnant woman more than 10,000 is consulted every year. 10,615 people (35% of pregnant women) were consulted in 2016.

   ○"One with cavity" in one of two people (48%) "one (76%) with gingival inflammation" and "one with tartar deposition" (75%)
  We were seen in three of four people.

   ○"One that uses interproximal cleaning tool" including "person receiving dental health examination regularly" and dental floss,
  There were few cavities, and it was revealed that there were few gingival inflammation and tartar deposition.


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