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Pubertal consultation

In Health and Welfare Center of each ward, we perform telephone, interview consultation about medical problem peculiar to puberty, uneasiness and trouble about the nature.
Staff of Health and Welfare Center such as obstetrical teacher, health nurse, doctor provide consultation.

Reference Health and Welfare Center child home (obstacle) support section
WardPhone numberWardPhone number
Tsurumi Ward 510-1850 Kanazawa Ward 788-7785
Kanagawa Ward 411-7111 Kohoku Ward 540-2388
Nishi Ward 320-8467 Midori Ward 930-2361
Naka Ward 224-8171 Aoba Ward 978-2456
Minami Ward 341-1151 Tsuzuki Ward   948-2318
Konan Ward 847-8410 Totsuka Ward 866-8470
Hodogaya Ward 334-6323 Sakae Ward 894-8049
Asahi Ward 954-6160 Izumi Ward 800-2447
Isogo Ward 750-2448 Seya Ward 367-5778

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