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           Dentistry consultation of expectant mothers         

 We carry out dentistry consultation by dentist targeting at women in childbed (under delivery one year) with pregnant woman.
 In addition, we carry out brushing advice by dental hygienist as needed.
 Need reservations. Conduct venue becomes each ward Health and Welfare Center.
 For more details, to each ward Health and Welfare Center child home (obstacle) support section

Health and Welfare Center child home (obstacle) support section 

WardPhone numberWardPhone number
Tsurumi Ward 510-1797 Kanazawa Ward 788-7785
Kanagawa Ward 411-7112 Kohoku Ward 540-2340
Nishi Ward 320-8469 Midori Ward 930-2361
Naka Ward 224-8171 Aoba Ward 978-2458
Minami Ward 743-8251 Tsuzuki Ward   948-2320
Konan Ward 847-8410 Totsuka Ward 866-8467
Hodogaya Ward 334-6347 Sakae Ward 894-8410
Asahi Ward 954-6151 Izumi Ward 800-2444
Isogo Ward 750-2448 Seya Ward 367-5760

 We manage oral health in family dentists from the pregnancy period!
 Periodontal disease becomes easy to be caused by change of female sex hormone when we become pregnant.
 It is reported the possible nature that frequency of early stage, low weight child delivery is sublimed into when periodontal disease turns worse.
 In addition, toothbrushing becomes insufficient, and cavities become easy to increase by change of the eating habits because of morning sickness, too.

 Baby is born without having cavity bacteria. We move through saliva of person whom there is near.
 Because we do not move cavity bacteria to baby, let's keep tongue of the whole family neatly.
 Oral health of mother and family leads to healthy growth of baby.

 Let's have family dentist for born baby.

 We made leaflet for pregnant women. We distribute at the time of mother and child health handbook grants in ward Health and Welfare Center.

 Leaflet for pregnant women

  "8020 of baby begins from stomach of ... mother!" Downloading of PDF (377KB)

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