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Child, home support consultation

Child, home support consultation is imminent window of everybody

Of bullying, truancy and puberty of child care, the schoolchild period of the infants period
Including thing of child please call out casually.

 At such time

  • We saw baby book, but do not go just as wanted
  • Coexistence of child care is difficult and is worried about working
  • We strongly scold child without doing well at discipline
  • It is worry without being able to be familiar with communal living ahead of entrance to school to elementary school
  • We are in trouble without wanting to go to school after going on junior high school

 For consultation

  • We meet widely from infants to the schoolchild period, puberty
  • Counselor of health, education, the welfare thinks together
  • We offer necessary information including various Specialized Agencies
Consultation is free. We keep absolutely quiet about secret.
Child, home support consultation table
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