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Child Allowance

Summary Request and report Income restrictions Report of present situation

◎Summary of system

(1) It is targeted for supply
Person who is targeted for supply It is rearer of elementary school student with resident registration in Japan
Target elementary school student It is elementary school student until junior high school completion with resident registration in Japan

 ※With "junior high school completion"
  • After having reached 15 years old, it is a certain elementary school student to first March 31.

(2) The amount of medical treatment (monthly basis)
  • The amount of medical treatment varies according to the amount of income of claimer (recipient).
  • For more details,"Income restrictions"Please see page of this.
    Less than income restrictions ceiling
[Child Allowance]
More than the income restrictions ceiling
[exception payment]
Under 3 years old 15,000 yen
Regardless of age
Per none of the elementary school student
Flat 5,000 yen
3 years old ...
  Primary schoolchild
First is 2 children 10,000 yen
After the third child 15,000 yen
Junior high student 10,000 yen

 ※About "dai ○ child"
  • After having reached 18 years old in elementary school student which claimer (recipient) takes care of, we count elementary school student (until twelfth grader completion) which there is to first March 31 in old order and are with "dai ○ child".
 Allowance when we bring up eleventh grader, seventh grader, elementary school student of fourth grader
  • The first child: Eleventh grader [it is not targeted for supply, but counts with the first child.]
  • Later-born: Seventh grader [targeted for supply] monthly basis 10,000 yen
  • The third child: Fourth grader [targeted for supply] monthly basis 15,000 yen

(3) Supply month
  • Child Allowance pays minute for pre-four months in June in October, February. [appointed hour supply]
  • In Child Allowance, for May is "1" from for June in the next year.
  • Recipient has to submit present situation notice in June every year.
  • When present situation notice is not submitted, we cannot receive following Child Allowance for June.

[appointed hour supply]
October  For from June to September
February For from October to January
June  For from February to May

Request method (we move to page of "request and report".)

When report contents change (they move to page of "request and report".)

◎Contribution of medical treatment

InformationPDF for contribution 500KB (A4 one side)

Contribution proposal book   PDF 231KB (A4 one side)

Contribution change, withdrawal proposal bookPDF 177KB (A4 one side)

◎Documents destination, reference

  〒231-8771 [it arrives only with zip code and address. Address unnecessary.]
  City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau child family section
   Medical treatment payment person in charge (Child Allowance charge)
    TEL. 045-641-8411
    FAX. 045-641-8412
   Reception hours: From Monday to Friday (except holiday) from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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