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yokohama port family enlightenment lecture

"Thought of children living together as nurture family, foster parent"

 We receive family and children who cannot live by various circumstances in home and live a life together, and nurture home is home bringing up and calls person bringing up child in place of biological parent "foster parent".

 At nurture home, "foster parent" "foster child" (child brought up by foster parent) "child" (child of the foster parent) lives together.

 Foster parent, foster child, the person concerned of each child, please talk about what they feel every day this time.

 Do you not think about children who cannot live with biological parent about family living with adoptive parent together?

 ※"yokohama port family" is nickname of "nurture foster parent" of Yokohama-shi.

Mark of float Date From afternoon of Saturday, October 14, 2017 2:00 to 4:30
Mark of float Meeting place Yokohama-shi opening of a port memory hall 9 meeting room
Mark of float Contents (1) Lecture "message to one wanting to become foster parent, foster parent"
   Director representative general corporate judicial person bear hope long Tomoko

(2) From experiences "each foster parent, foster child, child viewpoint"
Mark of float Capacity 50 (first-come-first-served basis)
Mark of float Childcare Available (1 year old half ... preschool child), prior application system
Mark of float Application method "Child family section foster parent charge" is addressed by application form or FAX (045-681-0925),
 Full name, participation number of people, phone number, township of representative, having childcare or not (in the case of existence age of child)
Please inform oo. (please use the following application.)

 ※ We do not use personal information that we had other than the lecture participation purpose.
 ※ When you exceed capacity and cannot participate, we contact than charge.

Application form from this ※We accept from September 11 and start
Mark of float Deadline for application In the case of childcare hope, apply by Thursday, September 28.
Mark of float Meeting place guidance Yokohama-shi opening of a port memory hall (1-6, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi) [access map]

[when we come by train]
  It is a 10-minute walk from the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, Negishi Line "Kannai Station" south exit
  It is a 10-minute walk from Yokohama municipal subway blue line "Kannai Station" Exit 1
  It is a 1-minute walk from Minato Mirai Line "Nihon-odori Station" Exit 1

[when we come by bus]
  It is a 3-minute walk from "1, Honcho"
  It is a 1-minute walk from "in front of Nihon-odori Station, prefectural office"

※ As there is not parking lot, bicycle parking lots, please use public transport.

 yokohama port family

Do you not become "yokohama port family", too?

 Foster-parent system receives children who cannot live for various reasons at home as member of family and is "system for child" that local bring up with warm love and understanding.

◇Foster-parent system is one of "home nursing" 
 Social nursing is divided into "facility nursing" by elementary school student nursing home and infant home and "home nursing" with foster parent and family home.
 Foster-parent system can realize that we have authorized adult value in domestic warm atmosphere for child more.

◇The present conditions of foster parent trust
  Among elementary school student needing social nursing, as for the elementary school student that elementary school student living in facility lives a life at 90%, foster parent home, family home, it is 10% degree.

◇Classification of foster parent
 Foster parent has four classification (nurture foster parent, adoption foster parent, relative foster parent, specialized foster parent), and classification of foster parent consigned by the situation of child is different.
 In Yokohama-shi, it recruits "yokohama port family" bringing up to fill the love in limited period, family until independence and home return (nurture foster parent).

Lighthouse  Nickname called "yokohama port family" was decided by open call for participants in 2015.

 Port is port. It is place that ship drops in at port in the middle of voyage, and leaves for the next voyage on holiday.

 Foster parent watching children plays a role such as port for children.

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