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  4. We raise 3004 [offer] ojidosodansho*kotozukein (children's guidance office part-time service learning instructor)

♢It recruits children's guidance office part-time service learning instructors (central children's guidance office)

City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau temporary worker (children's guidance office part-time service learning instructor) offer essential point

1 qualifications
(1)  ⼈ where ⼩ school ⼜ has teacher normal license (one kind of license) of junior high school
 Less than 65 years old age 45 years old or older (as of 2018 4⽉1⽇)

2 duty conditions
In weeks such as duty days 4⽇ interval (except ⽇ and the year-end and New Year holidays to appoint 1⽇ in (⼟) (⽇) and week)
(2)  Working hours    From 30 hours / 8:45 a.m. a week to 5:15 p.m.
Wage      The amount of 188,200 yen /⽉ (the 2017 results)
(4)  Medical treatments     Bonus (we provide according to Motoichi standard), transportation expenses (there is actual expenses supply
upper limit)
Employment insurance such as social insurance, Employee Pension Plan (Kosei Nenkin), association of the whole country of employee health insurance, Yokohama-shi staff public welfare society option participation
Vacation      Annual vacation (first year 16th, up to 20 days), summer holidays 4th

3 business contents
Communication with learning instruction of ⼀ time protection ⼊ place elementary school student, ⽣ live instruction and school

4 duty places
  Central children's guidance office ⼀ time protection place (the Minami Ward)

5 period of employment
  2018 4⽉1⽇ - 2019 3⽉31⽇ (possible employment update every year)
   But employment update is ukotohadekimasen more than the year when day when we reached age 65 years old belongs.

Subscription for 6 contents
 One offer number of people
 Offer deadline 2018 2⽉13⽇ (⽕)
 After paper screening with selection method application documents, we carry out interview.
 Application documents     A selection application (predetermined style)
           i resume (predetermined style)
           Including cormorant "desired motive and self-PR" to make a composition (predetermined style)
           Oh, documents (possible copying) which can confirm that we have boshikaku
Oh, we mail if we can have downloading or connection from the above about i, cormorant.
We use personal information that had you submit only for adoption selection. In addition, we do not return application documents.
 We bring the application reception desk center children's guidance office General Affairs Section expectation above document or mail. [2⽉13⽇ (⽕) must arrive]

         Receptionist at the time of bringing is from 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. of from Monday to Friday

7 interview selection
 Conduct day 2018 2⽉23⽇ (⾦) plan
In schedule, we will tell with result of paper screening by 2⽉20⽇ (⽕).
 Place center children's guidance office (3-44-2, Urafunecho, Minami-ku) 

8 results decision and physical checkup
 By the next day on informal job offer communication interview day, we are going to send notice sentence.
 Physical checkup    2018 3⽉16⽇ (⾦) plan 
Only as for the prospective employee

9 remarks
  We assume decision of 30, Heisei fiscal budget * ⽌ condition.

                     Yokohama-shi center children's guidance office General Affairs Section Usami, Tokuda
                      〒232-0024    3-44-2, Urafunecho, Minami-ku, Yokohama-shi  
                      Telephone 045-260-6528 / FAX045-262-4155 



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