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"Central children's guidance office temporary protection place school lunch business consignment" global assessment competitive bidding

          ◆◇◆◇◆ Offer closed on January 10, 2018 ◆◇◆◇◆ 

    In Yokohama-shi center children's guidance office, to offer domestic, safe school lunch to protection entrance elementary school student at one time,
         We carry out school lunch business consignment.
    To have you lump cooking, safety management, hygiene management together from menu making of school lunch by these duties,
         We decide to consign to private company having expertise and technique, and trust supplier is chosen by global assessment method
        We do. After checking ordering information, bid manual, specifications, I would like examination.

    Trust title center children's guidance office temporary protection place school lunch business consignment

    Ordering section    Yokohama-shi center children's guidance office

    Ordering information    Ordering information (PDF)

    Bid manual bid manual (PDF)   Bidding form (PDF)
          Proposal          The proposal making point (PDF)   Proposal answer style (Excel) 

    Specifications    Specifications and specifications (PDF)   Specifications style (PDF)

    Participation qualification confirmation application documents global assessment competitive bidding participation qualification confirmation application (Word)
                                       Commissioned business record of qualifications and experience (Excel)
    Written inquiry     Written inquiry (Word) about design book           
    Collective downloading (PDF) ※Word, Excel mentioned above are excluded
          Answer to written inquiry answer book (PDF)


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