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News of consultation about sterility, fuiku

Do you not talk without being troubled with ... one? ...


 ◎Consultation specialized in male sterility is held on Saturday

 Individual consultation by specialist in conference man infertility treatment

  Specialist performs consultation such as about inspection or therapeutic method whether it is male infertility.

  ◇ Adviser : Hospital citizen synthesis medical center attached to Yokohama City University
            Dr. reproductive medicine center Yasushi Yumura

  ◇ Consultation method : Interview consultation

  ◇ Target person : Citizen's one (consultation time varies according to advance reservations system, schedule) in hope of individual consultation

  ◇ The consultation date and time and place

Date Meeting place Capacity and consultation time
 Saturday, November 26, 2016
 From 14:00 to 16:40
 Yokohama-shi opening of a port memory hall
 Room 2 on the first floor
 Five sets
 One set of consultation time is 30 minutes
 ※Application acceptance was finished

  ◇ Inquiry, application : City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau child family section (weekdays 9-17:00 acceptance)
                   Telephone: 045-671-3874
                   FAX: 045-681-0925


General consultation about sterility, fuiku

  ◇ Inquiry counter : "Health consultation of woman"

    Obstetrical teacher, community health nurse talk about trouble of heart when from one of women from puberty to the menopause
   We go to o. We accept consultation about sterility and fuiku.

   (example) consultation such as menoxenia, the pregnancy, delivery, contraception, sterility or thing, gynecologic disorder about fuiku

  ◇ Consultation method : Telephone consultation and interview consultation (as for the interview advance reservations system)

  ◇ The consultation date and time and place : Each ward Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division


 Specialized consultation about sterility, fuiku ※Need reservations.

  ◇ Inquiry counter : "Sterility, fuikusemmonsodan"  ※We perform male sterile consultation.

    Doctor (gynecology, obstetrics, the urology department) and infertility nursing authorization nurse relate to sterility and fuiku
   We perform specialized consultation.

      ・How is infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss?      ・About inspection, therapeutic method of woman and male infertility

      ・Second opinion of fuikuchi* sterile about inspection, treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss

   ◇ Consultation method : Interview consultation

   ◇ Expense : Nothing    ryo

  ◇ Consultation place : Citizen's general medical center the third floor area, cooperation consultation department attached to Yokohama City University

  ◇ The consultation date and time : 2017 consultation itinerary (from April, 2017 to March, 2018)

  ◇ Consultation application : Person in charge of Child and Youth Bureau child home sections health
             Telephone: 045-671-3874 (directly) FAX: 045-681-0925  

   Information about recurrent pregnancy loss is this↓

  ◇ Kanagawa health welfare station health increase section homepage


  ◇ Infertility Q&A (Japanese reproduction medical society homepage)


  ◇ Questionnaire findings (Japanese reproduction medical society homepage) about medical treatment of male infertility


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