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 Organization, section constitution and main duties
 Child family section

 Main duties
   Urgent grasp survey by infants medical examination non-testee, mishuenji, nonattendance child charge
  ・About conduct of urgent confirmation of child with possibility of 4-6-year-old mishuento

   Children and Families Support Section
    Support to single-parent home
     Bookmark (PDF) of single-parent home
     Bookmark collection of links of single-parent home
    Mother and the child father and son widow welfare fund
About opinion open call for participants result to affect some revisions of mother and the child and father and son and widow welfare method detailed enforcement regulations
We raise everyday life support project trust companies!
   Child abuse, DV measures charge
    What kind of thing is "child abuse?"
    yokohama child abuse hot line
    "Nurture supporter reporting book in medical institution required" handling guide
    "The regulations to protect Yokohama-shi child from abuse" were enforced (November 5, 2014) 
    "STOP! Introduction of child abuse enlightenment cooperation company, group
    ・ We understand all support and the recurrence prevention in early detection, early stage of child abuse if we read this!

  We revised "Yokohama-shi child abuse prevention handbook"!
    ・ We can put to medical institution "Patients with injury initial correspondence assessment sheet of child"We made utilization manual!
    ※Recruitment of parttimers was finished (January 23, 2018)
It recruits desk job parttimers of Child and Youth Bureau child family section!
   Medical treatment payment person in charge
    Child Allowance 
    Child Raising Allowance
    JR commuting commuter pass discount
    Special ticket of bus, subway
    About trust such as Child Allowance duties
    Recruitment of Yokohama-shi temporary appointment staff (duties connection to affect Child Allowance in my number system)
   Nursing support person in charge
    ・Administration, management of child welfare institution (elementary school student nursing homes)
    ・Family home business, independence support home business
    Foster-parent system
    It is aftercare business for elementary school student after the exits such as facilities
    Elementary school student home support centernew
   Facility maintenance charge
    ・Maintenance of children's guidance office
    Maintenance of child welfare institution (elementary school student nursing homes)
   Person in charge of parent and child health
    About report of the pregnancy, grant of mother and child health handbook
    The Yokohama-shi identification infertility treatment costs furtherance
    Pregnant woman Health Checkups business
    ninshin SOS Yokohama
    After giving birth mother and the child care business
    Visit type mother's milk consultation business
    Before childbirth after giving birth helper dispatch business
    Maternal and child health instruction business
    Examination of newborn baby hearing business
    Seeing and hearing health check-up business
    Check ups for Infants and Toddlers business
    Pregnant woman oral examination business
    Child, home support consultation business
    ・Child care support home visit business
    Inspection such as congenital metabolism abnormality symptoms
    Pregnancy, delivery My Book


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