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Summary of local use plaza
Purpose  Having function of branch of "Yokohama-shi Youth Guidance Center" and "youth support station", we run young place to stay for primary synthesis consultation and independence of problem for youth in puberty such as stop-at-home, truancy, and local, young support plans cooperation with group and wards such as active NPO corporations and is coherent local facility to install for the purpose of being active.
Administration time From Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 19:00
Holiday Sundays and holidays, year-end and New Year (for from January 1 to January 3 from December 29 to December 31) third Monday
Target person It is almost the young people and the family aiming at social independence younger than 40 years from 15 years old
Business outline ● Primary general consultation   
 Telephone, visit to an office consultation, visit to an office interview, visit that continued

● Young place to stay in convalescence from stop-at-home state
 We provide (permanent construction), place to stay 6 hours or more per day more than five days a week

● Social experience, working experience
 Conduct such as social experience by participation in volunteer activity and event in area and working experience that cooperated with local malls

● Construction of local network
 We build network with NPO corporation or ward which is active in area and we provide information of communication adjustment with affiliate and local young people support activity and are active as nucleus of network

The side east part use plaza (http://sodateage.net/ypt/yokohama/)

The side due west part use plaza (http://www.geocities.jp/thiikiyuusu/)

The side south part use plaza (http://nanpla.jp/)

Use plaza (http://www.kitapla.jp/) in northern yokohama


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