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  4. About recommendation from Yokohama-shi affecting local youth support station business in 2018 (application reception desk of recommendation hope group)

We are concerned with local youth support station business in 2018
About recommendation from Yokohama-shi (application reception desk of recommendation hope group)

 In Kanagawa labor bureau, there was tender notice of "youth support station business local in 2018" on January 22, 2018.
 When arrive, plan conduct of yokohama youth support station and Shonan, Yokohama youth support station, to bid group hoping for recommendation from Motoichi submits required documents as follows, and please apply on participating.
 In addition, recommendation from Motoichi is not important matter of bid participation.

1 summary

 (1) Public announcement contents

 Please confirm the details on Kanagawa labor bureau homepage.

 Procurement information (Kanagawa labor bureau homepage) (external link)
 [youth support station business local in 2017 in auction information → 2018]

 (2) Recommendation requirements

 Correspond to all next. In addition, about participation in competitive bidding qualification that Kanagawa labor bureau carries out, please confirm with tender notice.
 Oh, being group participating in youth independence support network in each youth support station conduct area where Motoichi is related to or group where participation is anticipated.
 Being group anticipated that we can carry out business in cooperation with youth support measure of i Motoichi appropriately.

 (3) Decision method of recommendation

 Motoichi examines and, based on submitted documents, is decided.

Matter that Motoichi cooperates with 2 youth support stations

 In Motoichi, we carry out cooperation business in youth support station as follows.

 (1) yokohama youth support station
(PDF: 133k byte)
  ※ Area for Yokohama-shi (Isogo Ward, Konan Ward, Kanazawa Ward, Totsuka Ward, Sakae Ward are excluded.) , Shin-Yokohama area permanent construction satellite (tentative name)

 (2) Shonan, Yokohama youth support station(PDF: 115k byte)
  ※ Area for is southwestern part of Yokohama-shi (Isogo Ward, Konan Ward, Kanazawa Ward, Totsuka Ward, Sakae Ward), Kamakura-shi, Fujisawa-shi, Yokosuka-shi

3 presentation documents

 (1) Presentation documents

 One copy (Motoichi designation style) of a recommendation book grant request book (to the Mayor of Yokohama) 
 One copy of copy of i youth support station business application relations document (document to submit to Kanagawa labor bureau)
 ※ Please note that you do not return about presentation documents

 (2) Reception desk period

 From Tuesday, February 6, 2018 to Friday, February 16, 2018 17:00
 ※ We cannot accept from 12:00 to 13:00 in other than open agency time (from 8:45 of Monday through Friday to 17:15) and every day

 (3) Presentation method

 After notification, please bring directly beforehand to the next place.

  〒The eighth floor of 231-0017 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Yokohama-shi Government building
  City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau young people part youth development section
  Telephone 045-671-2325

Sending such as 4 recommendation books

 For group where had application, I will inform as follows by Friday, February 23.
 (1) When we recommend, we send recommendation book
 (2) When we do not recommend, we notify so in document

5 and others

 When you apply during recommendation application when you apply for Kanagawa labor bureau, please inform so Kanagawa labor bureau of youth support station business.

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