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Welcome! To Yokohama-shi Youth Guidance Center 


  It is the young people younger than 40 years and the family from about 15 years old to live in Yokohama-shi

icn-bl06.gifConsultation time, phone number
  From Monday Friday (is absent for Saturday, Sundays and holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays.)
  From 8:45 to 17:00
  ※Consultation by visit to an office over telephone need reservations  
Specialized counselor about the young people is consulted.
Please call casually.

 TEL 045-260-6615 (for exclusive use of consultation)

The use is free. We keep absolutely quiet about secret.

 Of next (from 2018 to 34) administration corporation of "the side south part use plaza"
   Open call for participants was finished. (2017/10/16 update)     
 We place question answer. (2017/9/29 update)  
 We can talk at ward office.
    "Specialized consultation of youth with difficulty such as stop-at-home"









It is ... with Youth Guidance Center

 About various troubles that stop-at-home and the young people including truancy and family have, we support people of the young people and family through telephone consultation and visit to an office consultation, group activity or family study session.

※As "stop-at-home area support center of childhood, adulthood by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare "stop-at-home measures promotion business"," we perform consultation, support.
icn-bl06.gif Specialized counselor receives such a consultation

1.Young consultation including stop-at-home, truancy
  About various problems that we cannot go to school, and the young people have not to be able to adjust to group
 no consultation

2.Consultation of young family
  Resistance, domestic violence to parent, consultation about various problems including disorder of life rhythm

3.Other consultation
  Theft, neglecting to go to school, poor association and disappearance from home, consultation about actions such as staying out, friend relations, association with the opposite sex 

icn-bl06.gif Contents of consultation, support

 First visit to an office consultation (by appointment only)
  When solution to problem is difficult by telephone consultation, we have you visit an office and have an interview.
  When continuation support is suitable, we transfer our work to charge counselor and perform continuous individual consultation afterwards.
   ※By contents of consultation, we may show around other engines.

 We support continuously
  We perform support by group activity in parallel as needed while continuing individual interview.

(1) Individual support
 Individual interview

   Counselor carries out individual interview with the young people or protector, interview that parent and child sit.

 Home visit
   Counselor carries out home visits as needed.

 Use supporter visit business
   We perform home visits by use supporters such as students as needed.

(2) Group support
  When it is judged that it is effective for solution to the problem as a result of individual interview, we continue the following support.

 icn-yl06.gifGroup activity (teenage group, adult group, communication group) 
   While, through card game and fictionization, sports activity, interchanging with the same generation; in personal relationships
  We gain confidence.

 icn-yl06.gifPlace outside activity
   Through accommodation experience and going out plan, we widen width of personal relationships.

(3) Social participation experience business
Through programs such as sale or waiting on customers experience, we do experience to be beginning of social participation.

(4) Support that is targeted for family
icn-pk06.gif Gathering of protectors
   About method or experience of solution to the problem that is concrete family with the same trouble exchange of opinions
  We go.

 icn-pk06.gif Family study session
   For puberty and youth, learn about various problems in family in group; information exchange
  We go.

icn-bl06.gif Facility information

 icn-bl01.gifPhotograph introduces each room of Youth Guidance Center. 

icn-bl06.gif Address / contact information
〒232-0024 3-44-2, Urafunecho, Minami-ku, Yokohama-shi the fourth floor
TEL: 045-260-6615 FAX 045-262-4156
Yokohama-shi Youth Guidance Center guide map
※Please use public transport on visit to an office.
One where train is usedOne where bus is used
Municipal subway
"Bandobashi" station drop off walk five minutes
Keihin Electric Express
"Koganecho" station drop off walk ten minutes
Municipal bus
68, 102, 158 systems
"Urafunecho" getting off
Keihin Electric Express bus
110 system "Urafunecho" getting off


 icn-bl06.gif Other consultation support engines in Yokohama-shi
  General consultation of stop-at-home in area, support for social participation, offer of place to stay
    icn-yl02.gifLocal use plaza

    icn-bl01.gifWe can talk at ward office.
     "Specialized consultation of youth with difficulty such as stop-at-home"

   General consultation for working
    icn-bl02.gifyokohama youth support station
    icn-bl02.gifShonan, Yokohama youth support station 
   icn-bl02.gifOther consultation

The past next administration corporation choice

  Of "the side east part use plaza" and "the side due west part use plaza"
    Administration corporation was decided.

    (2016/12/9 update)

  icn-bl02.gifLocal use plaza administration corporation choice result report

  Of "the side east part use plaza" and "the side due west part use plaza"
    (2016/10/17 update)
Offer guidance (2016) :Open call for participants has been finished


Link bar: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare "mental health site ~ that heart supports maintenance shiyo - youth"

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