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Health promotion of wellness lifestyle ... working person

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It is important for person working in society "to take care of in the same way as "working" to work with healthy body".
Area and company, group cooperate and promote citizen's health promotion based on "health Yokohama 21" in Yokohama-shi.
In this page, we provide information to be useful for health promotion widely regardless of distinction of individual, company in object toward Yokohama-shi residence, the working.

Toward the company
For the purpose of having you make use for health promotion of employee in the workplace, we offer various information.
To working person
The workplace is important place that spends most while we live daily lives. We give information about daily health promotions to work well in company.
It is link to page of various groups carrying out business in conjunction with health promotion.


May 14, 2018
Yokohama-shi supports office working on healthy management positively!
We start offer of health management certification 2019.
For more information:
February 27, 2015
About "yokohama company health magazine" delivery and "yokohama kigyoken**susumiin" offer start, we made news release.
※Press release document [230KB]
September 1, 2014
We made "health management ® where intellect profited" leaflet.
April 1, 2013
The second health Yokohama 21 was devised!

Health Yokohama 21

Health Yokohama 21 is plan of citizen's health promotion placed as "municipalities health promotion plan" based on Health Promotion Act.
(second plan period: for from 2013 to 2022)
In "health Yokohama 21," it continues targeting at all citizens from the infants period to the advanced age period and aims at increasing citizens who can live a life who became independent as much as possible at any age by being aggravated, and preventing of improvement and lifestyle-related diseases of lifestyle.
 To health Yokohama 21

Approach of Yokohama-shi

"The Yokohama health management certification"
 Yokohama-shi authenticates city office working on "healthy management" positively.
 We introduce on homepages of Yokohama-shi, and, as for the approach of office which caught the certification, visit consultation by health nurse and dietician, industrial counselor is received.
 In addition, rental of healthy measuring equipment such as body composition meters is available.
 Offer of 2018 is Friday, September 28 from Friday, June 1, 2018.
 The details about the Yokohama health management certification are this

"yokohama company health magazine"
 In Yokohama-shi, we deliver information of health promotion which working person is easy to work on as e-mail magazine "yokohama company health magazine".
Please see this about registration method and the details of e-mail magazine.
 In addition, we begin offer of "yokohama kigyoken**susumiin" to share information of health promotion in office, and to support person promoting practice of own health promotion and health promotion of employee.
 We distribute poster or leaflet to be able to use in holding and offices such as workshop, lecture about health to one that had "yokohama kigyoken**susumiin" become.
 As you accept registration in venue of workshop and lecture to tell about in e-mail magazine, at first please enroll in e-mail magazine.

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