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  ◎About information about radioactive material in food  

 It is site about information with radioactive material having been detected by accident of Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.
 As a result of test result of shinaisanno*suisambutsu going in Yokohama-shi, atmospheric radiation dose measurement, result of a measurement of tap water is not level to affect the health.
 From these test results, it is thought that the situation more than the standard values of radioactive material does not have promptly about shinaisanno*suisambutsu.

 In addition, please refer to this for radioactive material-related glossary.

[food-related information of Yokohama-shi]

Related organizations

Detailed contents 

News from Yokohama-shi
(food relations)

Test result of no*suisambutsu which Yokohama-shi enforced
 We publish about test result of radioactive material of no*suisambutsuchu.

Screening examination (examination of all heads) in examination of meat hygiene place
 We publish the screening examination situation of radioactive material eating flesh.

About beef which might be polluted by radioactive material
 We publish the inspection situation of beef cattle that radioactive material might be polluted.

Consultation counter about radiation
 We publish contact information of food, health consultation window about radiation.

[information about radiations such as other relevant ministries and agencies, related organizations]

Relevant ministries and agencies, related organizations

Detailed contents 

The Prime Minister's office

Great East Japan Earthquake relations
TEPCO Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, radioactivity related information

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Great East Japan Earthquake related information (food relations)
Registration inspection engine of the food hygiene law that we can inspect about radioactive material in food

The Food Safety Commission

About food health impact statement of radioactive material

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Information about the Great East Japan Earthquake

Consumer Affairs Agency

News about the Great East Japan Earthquake

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Radiation measured value

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

The radiation measurement situation of airport, the harbor neighborhood

Ministry of the Environment

About monitoring such as environmental radiations


Radiological test result of food in Kanagawa

City of Yokohama, Water Works Bureau

Result of a measurement of radioactive material of tap water

City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau

The measurement situation of radiation dose air dose in Yokohama-shi

City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat

Radiological related information of elementary school school lunch ingredients

[information about radiations such as other incorporated administrative agencies]

Incorporated administrative agency 

Detailed contents 

(Germany) domestic animal improvement center

Individual identification information retrieval service of beef

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