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Yokohama-shi medical care security support center

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Yokohama-shi medical care security consultation counter
◆ To doctor is good; take; one
 With medical safe support center 
 It was decided that the metropolis and districts, public health center setting city and district tried for setting of "medical safe support center" by medical law revision on April 1, 2007.
 Medical safe support center copes with complaint, worry and consultation of patient, inhabitants about medical care based on rule of medical law Article 6 to secure trust for medical care of inhabitants and, for medical care offer facility (hospital, clinics , assistant delivery room, drugstore), patient, inhabitants, performs advice about medical care security and reporting
Medical safe support center administration point (pdf:205KB)


 Yokohama-shi medical care security support center
   Ayumi of (Yokohama-shi medical care security consultation counter) 
 We invited five years and turning point where it was after we were placed as medical safe support center for eight years in March, 2013 by consultation counter setting and looked back toward conventional approach and published booklet. You can download from the following.

◆Ayumi of Yokohama-shi medical care security consultation counter eight years
         As ... patient and go-between of medical institution ...

 Collective downloading (pdf:1930KB)
 ・We download separately
  The Preface (pdf:552KB) first (pdf:572KB) second first part (pdf:448KB)
  The second latter part (pdf:864KB) third (pdf:304KB) reference (pdf:644KB)
  Document (pdf:380KB)

 Duties of Yokohama-shi medical care security support center 

Consultation telephone

 In correspondence with consultation about medical care from patient, citizen, we are doing help in search of beginning to solution to the problem.
Exclusive dial (045) 671-3500


 We set up meeting to examine policies for promotion of administration policy of medical safe consultation counter and medical security in Yokohama city limits.


Product for healthcare workers
 For medical offer facility, we hold for the purpose of ensuring safety in system and medical institution about medical security, improvement of patient service.

Product for citizens
Dispatch lecture/off site lecture
 For patient, citizen, we perform dispatch lecture/off site lecture for the purpose of knowledge about medical care and support of independent self-determination in medical treatment. We are doing information dispatch such as lectures to serve as a reference.

E-mail magazine

 We deliver and start in October, 2008! 

 We deliver introduction of news and consultation example of workshop about medical security, various information about other medical security by email.


 As for the notices about medical security from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and Kanagawa, please see this.

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