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◆Yokohama-shi medical care security support center
Yokohama-shi medical care security consultation counter

Depending on worry or consultation about medical care, we perform advice by neutral viewpoint for approach for solutions to the problem such as patient, family and medical institution and support construction of relationships of mutual trust such as patient, family and medical institution.

 Process of Yokohama-shi medical care security consultation counter

 In Yokohama-shi, we coped with consultation about medical care from patient, inhabitants from neutral viewpoint on July 20, 2004 and advised so that consultant solved the problem voluntarily and installed "medical care security consultation counter" in Health and Social Welfare Bureau medical care security section for the purpose of building relationship of mutual trust with patient, inhabitants and medical institution.
A part of medical law (1948 law 205th) was revised in June, 2006 by "law (2006 law 18th) to revise a part of the medical law to plan establishment of the system which provided high quality medical care", and it was prescribed afterwards by medical law Article 6 when you must act as the metropolis and districts, city to install public health center in and special ward from April 1, 2007 to install "medical care security support center".
We receive this and place "medical safe consultation counter" as part of duties of "medical security support center" in medical law in Yokohama-shi from April, 2007 and it follows and copes with consultation from patient, inhabitants and aims at establishment of the system that medical care is received in peace and still wrestles for promotion of medical care security.

 Please talk at such time.

We do not know where we should talk with about medical care.
We want to know at home nearby medical institution.
About medical care question worry, but is hard to talk with doctor.
We are worried about correspondence and service of the staff of medical institution.

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