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◆Yokohama-shi medical care security support center
Yokohama-shi medical care security consultation counter

Depending on worry or consultation about medical care, we perform advice by neutral viewpoint for approach for solutions to the problem such as patient, family and medical institution and support construction of relationships of mutual trust such as patient, family and medical institution.

 When you have a problem with such a thing, please consult.

■ About medical care, we do not know where we should ask.
■ Doctor does not explain enough.
■ About medical care question worry, but is hard to talk with doctor.
 How should we talk?
■ We are worried about correspondence and service of the staff of medical institution.
■ As we want to have a medical examination, we want you to tell medical institution nearby.

(notice matter in consultation)
・Consultation time should be principle less than 30 minutes.
・It is for thing about medical institution in Yokohama-shi. About medical institutions of the suburbs, we show around medical safe consultation counter of the jurisdiction.
・We cannot answer about diagnosis, treatment, inspection contents.
・Reputation of introduction and medical institution of medical institution depending on symptom and therapeutic method cannot answer.
・Medical expenses , the details about medical service fees system cannot answer. Depending on consultation contents, we show around post in charge.
・Right or wrong, judgment of intention, fault, intermediation or mediation, investigation with medical institution into medical treatment act are not possible.

Until solution that give an advice, but is concrete for solution that consultant is voluntary at our window cannot support. As for the solution to problem, talks between the people concerned become principle.

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